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American Indian Advisory Council Minutes
July 14, 2004

Welcome and Introduction:
Carol Anderson, Interim Director
Candelaria American Indian Council
Santa Barbara , Ventura , and San Luis Obispo Counties

Guest Speaker: Jim E. Warne
Founder of the Center for American Indian Rehabilitation /
Continuing Education Program
San Diego State University

The American Indian Disability Technical Assistance Center / University of Montana , and Rehabilitation Services Administration have funded the Tribal Disability Actualization Process (TDAP). Jim is currently working to engage local American Indian community agencies in Talking Circles. Through the dialogue, participants help improve employment opportunities and vocational rehabilitation outcomes for Tribal members with disabilities by:

  • Recognizing community needs
  • Consider planning options
  • Form action plans for the future of their communities

Topics to consider:

  • Outreach to American Indians on disability benefits
  • Information about Self Employment services
  • How to get multiple agencies working together
  • Agencies are isolated in trying to identify resources
  • How can we get government to work for us?
  • Increase cultural awareness

Torres Martinez / Riverside, and Southern California Indian Center / Commerce have scheduled Talking Circles.

The Navajo Dine project was the first American Indian project to develop a resource to get Native Americans with disabilities back to work. From that program, Jim developed the Center for American Indian Rehabilitation (CAIR), San Diego State University, and began working with Tribal and State Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) programs.

  • Federal Government designates only 1% of the total VR funding to the 70 Tribal VR programs nationwide.
  • Tribal VR programs have a 67% employment success rate.
  • Over 500 tribes utilizing those 70 VR programs and more Tribal VR programs are developing.
  • Need to get more Native American representation in every capacity of government

The San Diego State University (SDSU), Post Employment Training American Indian Rehabilitation (PETAIR) provides graduate level, certificate courses for Native Americans in Tribal VR programs. Of the 43 currently enrolled in PETAIR, 8 are Masters Degree students, 1 is in the PhD program through University of Colorado. In addition to PETAIR, SDSU has added a PETAIR Junior program for Bachelors Degree in Vocational Education. There are currently 19 students in the first cycle of the PETAIR Jr. program. Each programs provides full grants to pay for students:

  • Tuition
  • Travel including air fare
  • Lodging

For more information contact Jim at or (619) 594-6163.



Guest Speaker: June English, Program Administrator
Santa Barbara County Public Health Department,
Tri-Counties Cancer Detection Program (CDP)

The County’s CDP is outreaching to women, 40 years old and older who are low income, uninsured, or have a high insurance deductible. Through a network of local physicians, the County provides free mammograms and, if needed, cancer surgery up through reconstruction.

Substance dependency and Diabetes are epidemic in some regions / tribes, 25% disability rate among Native Americans

Mini-grant match program for development of

  • Community services for African-American, American Indian, and Asian Pacific women
  • Cancer detection, education, and/or information services

The average grant is $2000.00 to $4000.00, can go up to $7500.00

  • Grant cycle begins July 1 st
  • To obtain an application and assistance in filling it out, call (805) 681-4783.

For a Cancer Detection Program near you, call the California’s “Every Woman Counts” program at (800) 511-2300 or

June introduced Emperatriz Pinedo, Ventura County Public Health, Bilingual Training and Education. County funded programs for AIDS and HIV Prevention program aimed at youth in high school, continuing education, and incarcerated. For more information or referral to a program in your area, call (805) 677-5295.


Update of AIAC Web Page
Jim Warne, Grace Burque, Sarah Asbury

Interwork Institute, San Diego State University, has provided us with the services of a web master. At this time we are collecting information / web sites in the following categories:

  • Links to American Indian Community Agencies in California
  • Assistive Technology
  • Education / Job Training programs
  • Leadership Training Programs for Administrators
  • Native American Health Programs
  • Veterans Programs
  • Tribal Heritage and Legislation
  • Pow Wows and Protocols
  • Employment Assistance / Opportunities
  • Native American Media
  • Demographics
  • AIAC Minutes

We need your help with gathering information. At our next AIAC meeting you will get a print copy of the sites we have so far.

The goal is to create a site that is useful to consumers as well as DOR and American Indian agency staff.

Logo: We are looking for pictures and designs that is representative of Californian American Indian Tribal scenes. If you have pictures or drawings that we may use, please send them to

Jim Warne
Interwork Institute
San Diego State University
3590 Camino del Rio North
San Diego, CA 92108


General Discussion and Updates:

Glenna Amos of United American Indian Involvement (UAII) has transferred to the Youth at Risk program of UAII in Pomona. We will miss.

Socorro Vazquez, Senior Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor has joined the AIAC and is the DOR Commerce branch liaison to Southern California Indian Center, Commerce. Her phone number is (323) 720-4088 .

Maria Reyes Sanchez, DOR, and Candelaria American Indian Council, Ventura, successfully placed a mutual consumer as a Dispatcher for a large security corporation. Consumer reports she is very happy with her employment.

Southern California Indian Center is hosting the 36 th Annual Pow Wow “The Largest Pow Wow in California” at the Orange County Fairgrounds, August 27, 28, and 29.

Welcome to Florine Chosa, Pauline Duro, California Manpower in Riverside, and Suzanne Molson, Fort Mojave, for traveling so far to join us. For residents of Mojave area, the closest DOR office is El Centro, a 4-hour drive.

Native American Veterans Association hosting a Pow Wow in November. UAII starting Summer Camps for youth – children, pre-teens, and teens. For information contact Tony Little Hawk (213) 202-3970.

AIAC members extend invitation to State Rehabilitation Council members and Veterans Administration staff/liaisons to our meetings.

Review of AIAC Goals

Goals 1 through 3 were discussed.

  • Sharing information on American Indian culture and vocational rehabilitation services.

A suggestion was made to contact Project 121 for a presentation.

  • Extend membership in the AIAC to mentor other similar groups throughout the State-

Contact David Tripp, Director of Hupa Valley, may be of help with Northern California contacts.

  • Share employment opportunities for consumers of American Indian heritage-

Keep current e-mail addresses of AIAC members to distribute job leads. The website will provide easier access. We need a consistent sign-in sheet with pre-printed information that can be updated as needed.

Thank you and much appreciation to Candelaria American Indian Council: Carol Anderson and Ernestine Lopez for hosting this meeting and providing an excellent luncheon.


Next Meeting
November 17, 2004

Hosted by: Southern California Indian Center
City of Commerce


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