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Participant Application

You may either download the Participant Application as an MS Word document or complete it here online.

If you choose to complete it online, we suggest that:

  1. You first think about and write your answers in Microsoft Word. Then cut and paste them into the fields here in this Participant Application Webform.
  2. Complete the Participant Application Webform in one session. If you refresh the screen, or go to another web page without clicking the Submit button, there's a chance that you may lose any responses you have entered up to that point.
  3. After you have completed the application, click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the Participant Application Webform. A copy will be sent to your email address (that you enter below, provided you have entered it correctly), and another copy will go to the Project Success staff.

If you choose to download the Microsoft Word version:

Microsoft Word file: Download Participant Application

  1. Enter your responses directly onto the document, below each question.
  2. Send it as an email attachment to the application coordinator's email address:
    Mari Guillermo:

    -- OR --

    Send the application via fax:
    Interwork Institute
    Attn: Mari Guillermo/Project Success
    San Diego State University
    3590 Camino Del Rio N.
    San Diego, CA 92108

    Or send the application via mail:

Participant Application Webform

1. Name:

2. Organization:
3. Address:
4. Phone:
5. Fax:
6. E-mail:

7. Does your department/program currently receive funding? Yes No
8. If yes, what types of funding?         Private Foundation Federal City
County       State       Other (Please Specify):
9. Have you ever written a proposal? Yes No
10. Have you ever written a letter of intent? Yes No
11. In your opinion, how would you classify your grant writing skills? Novice (0-1 grant written)
Intermediate (2-5 grants written)     
Expert (5+ grants written)
12. Number of proposals funded in the past 5 years:  
13. Identify a community agency with whom you currently collaborate:
14. Identify a potential community agency with whom you could collaborate:
Please write, or copy and paste, a 1-page abstract of proposal/project idea which describes:
  1. project goal(s)
  2. need being addressed
  3. population to be served.

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