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Disability and Employment Training Series

These self-paced trainings may be taken online at your convenience. The information in each instructional module is presented in a narrative format with a variety of multimedia features designed to enhance the learning process. You may do them in any order you choose.

Way to Work! Expanding Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities

The training will focus on effective practices that enable One-Stop Career Center staff to provide comprehensive employment services to persons with disabilities.

Available: Employers and Service Providers sections

Human Resource Training Series: Disability in the Workplace

Disability in the Workplace will focus on effective practices that enable HR managers and staff to understand the issues of employment services to persons with disabilities.

Available: Employers section

2nd Chance Training Series: Expanding Employment Opportunities for Ex-Offenders

In serving the ex-offender population, this training will provide you with a foundation for implementing an effective recidivism based re-entry program.

Available: Service Providers section

New Perspectives in Business: Self-Employment Training

This online training series is designed to support service providers and people with disabilities who are entering and reentering the work force or who are seeking relevant self-employment opportunities.

Available: Job Seekers and Service Providers sections

Legacy Disability Training Understanding Disability

A primary goal of One-Stop Centers is to assist customers in finding jobs and advancing their careers. The Workforce Investment Act established the core concept of "universal access," meaning One-Stop services must be readily accessible to a wide range of customers, including persons with disabilities. The high unemployment rate for persons with disabilities is the highest of any segment of the population. Approximately 1 in 7 people in the United States have some type of disability, representing a significant portion of potential One-Stop customers.

Available: All sections