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CHIIP Webinar

California Department of Rehabilitation &
the New Ticket to Work Program(11/18/10)

CRC Credit Quiz

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1. What is the age requirement for a SSI/SSDI beneficiary in order to be eligible for a ticket?

2. SSI/SSDI beneficiaries who use their Ticket have their _______ suspended by the Social Security Administration

3. A Ticket can be “Assigned” to an Employment Network (EN) and in “In-Use SVR” status with a State
    Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Agency at the same time.

4. To verify status of a SSI/SSDI beneficiary’s ticket the beneficiary, EN or State VR counselor can call _______.

5. If a Ticket eligible consumer is seeking services from a State Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Agency operating under
    Cost Reimbursement, the earliest that the Ticket can be placed in “In-Use SVR” status is: