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Hi everybody and welcome to the webinar. We are going to get started and about five minutes. I am just testing the audio right now. Can everybody hear me okay? Please let me know. Thank you. You can let me know by typing into the chat area. Thank you so much.

Hi, everybody and welcome to the supplemental Security Income, SSI or consent of webinar. You can work. And yes, this webinar will be recorded and archived on chips website. Which you will see the web address also later in the resources section of the PowerPoint. Thank you so much for joining us. I will be pausing at several points in the presentation for questions. And when I do please enter your question into the window below the public chat box and what CPRS your question in, the head and press enter to have entered into the public chat. Also you can open up the captioning window and there is a web address to go to captioning. I did send out an e-mail for registered participants with that captioning what address. And you can resize the captioning window so you can view both the PowerPoint today and the captioning as well.

A little background about myself. My name is Karla Bell and I'm a project specialist with the California Health incentive improvement project or check for short. And I work on the benefit planning initiative. Before I started at chip, I was a certified community work incentive coordinator to the Social Security or incentive Planning and Assistance program. And I worked as a benefits planner and disability program Navigator for the San Diego one-stop career centers. Enough about me, let's learn more about CHIP and onto the SSI work incentive.

A little bit about the California Health incentive improvement project. We are funded by and Medicaid infrastructure grants.gov from the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Our goal is to increase the employment rate of people with disabilities and making sure necessary supports are in place such as access to health care and the ability to use personal assistance services at work. And it is a collaborative effort and CHIIP staff is housed in Sacramento at the Department of Health Care Services also and the Employment Department and also here in San Diego I'm at the San Diego State University in their work is too. And as divide provides outreach and education on the [Indiscernible] disable program, other benefits such as a security benefits and employment support. We will continue to offer free monthly webinars so hope you join us again in May. There will not be webinar in April due to travel schedules. We will also be sending you out a survey today after the webinar so please let us know what other topics you'd like to see covered in the future webinars.

And all of our webinars will be archived on a website once again. And you can click on current webinar is and when you go to the current webinar page if you go to the bottom will find a link to past webinars. To check out some of our archives we have a webinars on Social Security work incentives and asset building as well as a weapon of a 250% MediCal work and a civil program. You can get the PowerPoint there as well.

Here's an overview of what will be going over today. We would do some quick returns to work and some tips. Beard went to the differences between the supplemental Security income and Social Security disability Insurance. And talk about how and income affects a person's of the muscles Security income. We're College talked-about [Indiscernible] expenses, planned for expenses and a student earned income exclusions. I'm going to chase some SSI examples is a day [Indiscernible] to net earned income exclusions and talk about the work incentive 6019 B, some other SSI incentives and ticket toric and was events, which reporting, and some great online resources for you. There are a lot of great benefits to working. But you as cancer you are with my big thing in some of these questions -- and can I get my SSI benefits back if I stop working. How much can I make before I live with my SSI. Prior change in thinking don't just think how much can I make before it and is the benefits start thinking how much we want to make. Because reality is a lifelong disability benefit is a life of poverty especially now with the California budget cuts and reductions and SSI that we have seen. There are work incentives that provide a safety net so you can go to work without fear of losing a benefits. The also can help start a new career or business to the things it may not have considered if you work includes if you work in that helps to build retirement credits or increase the amount of retirement as your saving for your future. And with written build assets with programs such as the work incentive, the plan to achieve as of support that I will be talking about today. And you can also the advantage of tax credits like the earned income tax credit with a child tax credit which is free money back in your pocket it can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars of rebates and it will negatively affect your SSI. And work incentives are great tools that can help you build for the future and lead to more financial independence.

The advantage of going back to where can outweigh the disadvantages for many people. And their work incentives that provide a safety net so you can try different jobs, it did training or education unique or start a new career. To use most of the work incentives you need to tell it your supplemental Security Income claim representative as Social Security office that you've got to work and report those changes in your earnings. It is best report in person at the local sources could the office or in writing. I don't recommend calling the 800 number to report because that information obviously -- the information doesn't always get down to your SSI client rep. It's great to go in person or report in writing. Some of the work incentives I will talk about today require that you asked Social Security to determine if you can use them. Such as apparel and related work and Spences', [Indiscernible] student earned income exclusion, and the plan to achieve self report. If you need help with any of these work incentives, you can get help from a benefits planner. And a great place to start is to request what's called a benefits planning query. At your local Social Security office. It's important to know what type of social security benefits you receive to help the plan and make the right choices. The benefits planning query will show you what benefits you currently have and then once it got the benefits plan in query document, you can meet with the benefits planner who can help you understand and use the word incentives to your flood damage. If you receive supplemental Security Income or even social sphere disability insurance, you can get free benefits planning from the work incentives planning and Assistance Program throughout the state. I do have a link in the resources for that. There's other local benefits planners at agencies such as an attendant with centers in your community. I do have a link on the resources slide the hook define a benefits planner or consent of planning and Assistance Project that serves your region.

Let's talk about the different disability benefit programs. Although I will be focusing on supplemental Security Income, SSI plops it is important to understand that there are two different types of security disability benefits. As as the eye, so Security disability insurance and the SSI, supplemental Security income. If you have both you have concurrent benefits or are concurrent a benefit shares and a lot of people do have both. Both of these benefit programs have very different work incentives. This one a little bit more about these two different benefits.

Sources to disability insurance or SSDI for short, this type of disability benefits is based on a person's past court record. Not financial need. You must have worked long enough to recently enough to become injured. You have to be disabled or blind under so securities rules. There is a five month waiting period for this benefit. And also with the benefit comes Medicare health insurance eligibility. And you'd be eligible for Medicare after you've been entitled to at SSDI for 24 months. This benefit is not affected by any resources so you can have any amounts of money in the bank. Even technically Bill Gates could even qualify for this type of benefit if he became disabled. There are three different types of SSDI benefits. The Social Security disability Insurance is it benefits you receive when you reach insured status on your own record. That means you've been employed and you have pain Social Security taxes. You may have also been able to receive and it may be able to sit and it's this one become disabled and effort enough credits. Second type is childhood disability benefits. To be eligible for the sources could benefit have to be an adult that's 80 years of age or older but you have to be have been disabled before age 22. And you also have to have a parent that is an injured worker that's either disabled, retired or deceased. With a childhood disability benefits where action drawn and Social Security disability benefit of your parents' record. It's got to be 18 years of age, and you have to of been disabled before age 22 and then you are going to draw Social Security off a parents' record, the pair must be disabled, retired or deceased. The third one, disabled with your benefits for the this is pain to the surviving spouse of an injured former worker and worker must be deceased, not merely retired or disabled.

Question from Christine about SSDI, does it play no part Even though you are entitled to Medicare? If you receive a Social Security disability insurance benefits, you are receiving that as disabled, you are eligible for Medicare health-insurance. For most people, they are not able to collect Medicare until they turn age 65. But if you are getting Social Security disability insurance benefit, you are able to collect Medicare. But that benefit you are going to get it after 24 months of entitlement.

I'm going to repeat the disabled widowers information again as of for disabled this pain is to a surviving spouse of an injured former worker, the worker must be deceased, not merely retired or disabled. The individual and has to be disabled for shall security definition and also with this when I didn't mention but the individual must be at least 50-years-old to collect disabled widow or widower benefits. The question is SSI [Indiscernible] there a lot of acronyms and the Social Security world. SSI it stands for a supplemental Security Income benefits. As a [Indiscernible] ally of people like getting Social Security disability insurance benefits will see SSA on their check and people work. For Social Security disability Insurance, SSDI, a lot of times SSDI and SSA are used interchangeably as acronyms. Then there's other benefits social security [Indiscernible]. One question is the SSDI and not affected by an income? Yes, where does it affect your SSDI. When not going to go over the SSDI were closed today. But one of our archive webinars on our talent knows some love it the seventh and finished the to the relevant to going over the work incentive for SSI.

Let's talk about SSI. With this program it's a federal income program funded by general tax revenue not your Social Security taxes. It's in the space program. You have to be aged, blind or disabled and you have to have limited and come and a limited resources to qualify for this program. And you have to be a U.S. citizen or qualified alien. Any income or resources of your family members can affect your SSI eligibility and benefit amount and also your living arrangements may affect your eligibility and a benefit amount for SSI. There is no waiting period for SSI benefits. And you automatically get MediCal health insurance here in California. Let's take a look at some of the SSI California 2010 payment rates. As I mentioned before, supplemental Security Income rate is based on income, your resources and living arrangements and it's great to be determined by social security. There are different rates for both individuals and couples. In case we have any folks here who aren't from California on the webinar today, these rates are only for California. Different states have different rates. Once again, these are just for California. Some of the common rates if your an individual who is in your own household that means if you pay your own fair share of land and living expenses, you can receive a maximum of $845 a month in SSI. For an individual and the household of another and so this is somebody who's not paying their fair share of land, they can receive $639.66 a month. For an individual who does not have any clicking facilities that can get a higher SSI rate of $929. For someone who is blind also get a different rate, you get $908 a month for it your SSI. And a couple can get $1,407 so these are both in the couple of both people are disabled and if the couple if both people and the couple are blind, they can receive $1,554.20. A question can a disabled person without the some apply for it SSI benefits? The family, they can go through the apply for SSI benefits and when they do that the form they fill out, the SSI claim representative is going to ask for information about any income they have coming in and in the resources but if they are living with a parent, they are going to ask about if there been helped out with friends and things like that. It definitely they can apply and gutter the application process to see if they are eligible to see how much they can get and SSI and they will have to provide information about a disability and information about doctors and things like that. The SSI has a resource limit. You are limited for example, the amounts of money you have in the bank in your savings are limited. You can only have $2,000 for an individual and $3,000 for a couple. There are certain resources that are exams for SSI. And that includes one car, the home that lived in, as a both exempt, also household goods kept me exempt. Some types of student financial assistance and some types of trust and medical devices and adaptive equipment as well can be exempt from the SSI resource limit.

One question would a person on the SSI of living with their remains situation receive $845? Yes, possibly if they can show to date, and rep that their pay their own fair share of rent. As part of the race situation, yes, they could potentially receive the maximum amount of $845. A good question does Section eight of fact SSI? If you receive as Section eight housing assistance, without the housing authority is helping out with the cost of your rent and no, that doesn't affect your SSI payment. That's not going to decrease the SSI payment for. You have to provide that information to the claims representative when you apply for SSI.

On question is can you give an example of individuals with no clicking facilities but that could be a person that rents out of a hotel situation where they are renting a month-to-month the hotel and there's not a kitchen there for them to take advantage of.

One question, sorry for the pause. Do couples have to be married? I remember I believe it was the one they could also consider air redeem in come if you are living with somebody and you are holding out to the committee that you are a couple, that you are in a partnership or married, that also could qualify and so some of that person's income could be deemed as well.

Friday's question, domestic partners I believe that is considered as a couple I would double check on that. You definitely would need to report that your domestic partners as well.

Can you talk about how reverse mortgages are treated? That could be considered in come so is one of those things you definitely need to report that to the SSI claims representative and find out how that's going to impact your SSI benefit. Last question, how much can I turn and a late? That information is coming up. They are going to move on now. Is a parent's income affects the persons and [Indiscernible] that parents' income will affect the amount of SSI that they can get. Once the person turns 18 if the person is getting support from the parent it could be considered in kind support and that can impact the amount of SSI a person can get and eligibility as well. It's a little bit different how it is considered when a person goes from being a child on the SSI to an adult on SSI. Let's move on to talk about SSI and how earned income is going to affect your SSI. In most cases going to work will increase overall income. But everybody's situation is different. It is a good idea to with the benefits planner and look at your expenses, income and the big picture. You can even start by doing this on line of the disability benefit 101 website. They have benefits to worked out letters that can give you an estimate of how were qualified to benefit. In most cases, MediCal can continue even if you are working. Many people assume that taking a job well and there MediCal immediately. But there are SSI work incentives that provide for continued Medi-Cal eligibility. These were the incentives also allow for reinstatement so cash benefits can star once again once work stops. Let's one more about how earnings affect SSI.

Social Security action Council less than half of your earned income. It is not a dollar for dollar reduction to your it SSI. When you have earnings. For example, if you are earning $885 in gross monthly wages, only $400 of that will count against your SSI payment. Certain N-CAM and related work expenses and a blind word expenses can also be deducted from your gross wages. So what does count as in an come? Examples of an income of our wages that you are receiving from a job, if you are self-employed in net earnings from self employment. Payments for services performed initial to workshop, and also Welty's earned by an individual in connection with the publication of his or her work or in any monetary received for services rendered. So let's take a look at the calculations steps that Social Security uses to determine your SSI payment if you have earnings.

Not all income counts when determining your SSI payment amount. The always start with your gross monthly earned income. Not your Net, you are gross. But if you are self-employed they do look at your net earnings from self employment. Before the sake of earned income from a job, your gross monthly earned income is what they start with. And the first thing they will do is to track the $20 a general income exclusion. This $20 General income exclusion will first be applied to any unearned income a person has. That's an example of unearned income could be if you are getting a Social Security disability insurance benefit, a childhood disability benefit, state disability insurance, unemployment insurance, a type of veterans disability benefit, or in kind items that are provided to you as well. So all of those things could be considered unearned income. After the $20 General income exclusion the necks of track is $65 income exclusion. Then divide by two and that because a person's accountable income. Also as part of the calculation steps that will subtract any applicable work incentives and the correct order and I'm going to go over some of those. The steps again are your gross earned income minus $20, minus 65, divide by two equals or accountable income that's a school uses to determine your new ID SSI payment when you are working. Let's take a look at three different incentives that can be used as a deduction and the calculation examples to illustrate this.

First we're going to talk about impairment related work expenses. A question of what are the work related deductions we're going to talk about those now. Those are impairment related work expenses and students earned income exclusion and we're going to go over those now. And apparently did work expense can be used as a deduction from your gross monthly earnings. Social Security will deduct an impairment related work expense when they figure your SSI payment amount when you have an item or service that enables you to work. You need this item or service because of a disabling impairment, it has to be related to disability, you pay the costs that are not reimbursed because it comes out of your own pocket and nobody is reimbursing you for it. The cost has to be reasonable and you pain for this expense and a month that you received earn the income or performed work well you actually use that and permit related item or service. And also the cost of an apparent related work expense can be prorated over a 12 months. For non recurring expenses. Let's take a look at some examples of impairment related work expenses got this list is not exhaustive. There's a great publication called The Social Security Redbook which is available on-line. I do have a link to it in the resources that has a whole great list of deductible impairment related work expenses. If something has makes those qualifications that mentioned earlier, then you should definitely give that to social security as a possible deduction. Some examples of a permit related for expenses, medical devices such as the cost related to wheelchairs', dialysis equipment, respirators, pacemakers or bases, any medications that you are paying for out of pocket or any supplements as well that he pain for out of pocket could be it an impairment or expense. Medical services such as one level monitoring cost of that, chemotherapy, physician fee, appliances or devices that are prescribed by a [Indiscernible] like an electric air cleaner for a severe respiratory disease but if you are paying for an extensible medical supplies like [Indiscernible] stockings or catheters. Modifications to your homes or vehicle. Also if you have a service animal. For a sample, when I was for the at the career center I was helping a lady with a psychiatric service dog and she was able to use the cost of her vet bills, and grooming, train, the dog food and many other things related to the cost of the dog as a parent related work expenses. And I help her set up a way to track the expenses and she saved her receipts in a binder and was able to tell them to her and supplemental Security Income claims representative at Social Security without a written request to have them apply. So some is pay for some kind of settlement that's related to the disability, that could be an impairment related work expense. Also does this include premiums and for social security for a permit related work expenses, no, unfortunately, I do not code your thing in the audit pocket health insurance premium, they do not count those empowerment related work expenses.

Let's take a look at the calculation example. If you remember earlier I went through the different calculations steps and here's an example. We've got married and she is getting $845 a month in SSI. And she is starting and a part-time job and she's going to be earning $885 in gross wages a month. See also is paying out of pocket $100 for some and permit related work expenses. These are the steps that Social Security is light years to figure out how much SSI Mary can get each month ago at the colleges are within hundred $45 gross wages and subtract a $20 General and, exclusion. The remainder is a hundred $65. Net declined to subtract that $65 earned income exclusion, a hundred dollar remainder and then subtract a $100 for impairment related work expense cost. So the remainder is $700 a month. Divide that by to sew her total accountable income for the month is $350. Even though she started with 885 in gross wages, social security is only going to catch -- count the Horn $50. This attracted 350 from $845 in SSI that she gets caught her adjusted SSI payment is quite speefour hundred $95 a month. Her bottom line that she's got to spend of pocket each month, she's got to pay all her bills and everything and she's got her gross wages of a 85, I have grows for the sake of the example that it's going to be a little bit less, it will be net after taxes taken out of a check plus for hundred $95 students check that she's still getting a minus an apparent related work expands. So her bottom line she's going to be begin in about $1,280 a month ago before she only had $845 a month in SSI and now she has about $1,200 a month. She's got more money and she still getting a SSI payment and still has MediCal. But he made to subtract applicable [Indiscernible] thing said they subtracted in the correct order. And you have deductions like a parrot related work expenses and also blind or expenses which I will show next, they are always deducted in a certain order and this calculation steps. It's always after that $65 earned income exclusion and the calculation. And you will say the blind were expenses in a different place. They subtract the deductions and there are specific places in the calculations were the subtraction occurs. Summary asked what type of supplements like vitamins, or fish oil or things to get a health food store and things like that and diabetic equipment, that count as an impairment related work expense. I had that question before, if there's any kind of thing that you are paying for because of your diabetes, yes, that it possibly be used as an apparent related work expands.

-- an impairment related work expense.

I'm going to go to find work expenses now. This is another deduction that we can use in the SSI calculation steps. Find work expenses is a SSI work incentive for SSI beneficiaries whose primary diagnosis is a blindness. Blend work expenses allow the exclusion of any work related items that are pain for out of pocket and not reimburse. The device between IRWI and [Indiscernible] combined expenses do not need to be related to blindness% or any employment at all. Which is really great. The person who's blind can get even broader array of things they can use the deduction. Examples include service and expanses, professional association fees, and the state federal or local taxes that the person is paying can be used as a blind or expense as a deduction. Visual and sensory Aids, driver service they P4 and any transportation to and from work a person pays for, child care, even. Males that they consume at work, uniform, if you have a pain but materials transferred to Bell and impairment related items. [Indiscernible] on vacation, pension contributions in. Basically anything that's work-related but it does not have to be directly, et related to blindness or any impairment.

Let's take a look at the calculation example with the blind or the expense. In this example we've got John and he's getting $908 a month and he's getting maximum blind SSI great. He also is applied to working part-time $885 gross wages. And he has $100 Glenn were expenses he's pain for out of pocket. This slide is blank, I flipped it forward and back so hopefully you can see it. Here's the calculations that. 885 gross wages minus that 25 general income exclusion again. Minus the 65 earned income exclusion. Commander is a hundred so far, divide by two. $400 remain there and now you subtract the $100 blind work expense. It's in a different place in the coalition stepped. So a person is left with $300 accountable income. Of 885, Social scared it only counts $300 of that. Be appointed subtract 300 from the $908 SSI that John gets. His adjusted SSI payment is going to date $608 a month. The bottom line, his gross ridges of 885 plus $608 SSI minus $100 blind or expenses so guess about a dozen to hundred and dollars in income now. Definitely higher than $908. He is still getting his SSI payment and getting market since it has defined or expenses and he has a MediCal as well. Question about SSDI real quick. IRWI can be used with SSDI, they will not be during the trial work. Once they hit the extended. Illegibility it can be used in the substantial gainful activity this and a determination. There's another webinar that we have archived that does have that information on it. Definitely check that out when you can.

A little bit more about impair related work expenses and find work expenses. All blind and impairment related work expenses have to be verified by a local social security field office. You are going to have to provide your claims representative with original receipts or canceled checks of the expenses. And then they will determine if the expense may be deducted if they fit the eligibility criteria and they can deduct expenses. I always recommend your request these inviting because this is great to cover yourself in order to use your appeal rights if for some reason they Trinidad you have things in writing in case you want to appeal that. You always have the right to appeal decisions that Social Security makes. Any other questions so far before I move on to [Indiscernible] earned income exclusion?

Now we've got another school where consent of that can be used as a deduction and the student earned income exclusion is an amazing work incentive for working students under the age of 22. I'm so excited when people get used this work incentive. Many parents are very hesitant to let a young person on the SSI work because of the fear of losing their SSI benefits. But with the student earned income exclusion you can actually save additional and come over and above what you currently receive from SSI alone. And in many cases the student earned income exclusion allows students to work without experiencing any reduction in their the SSI check at all. You have to be regularly attending school, college or training to prepare for a job. And regulate attending school means that the individual is taken one or more courses of study or attending classes and if they are in grades seven through 12 they have to be going to school for 12 hours a week ago if they are in college they need to be going to school for eight hours a week. And for training programs to prepare for employment, you have to be in that for 12 hours a week or 15 hours if shop practices and all. For example, the training program is a job score. Also, it might be approved for last time if it is due to a reason beyond this to this control such as an illness or an unavailability of transportation. And if a person is home schooled or homebound and pass to do their studies at home they can also qualify for the student earned income exclusion. With this deduction Social Security does not count up to $1,640 of earned income per month when they figure the SSI payment. You can exclude up to $1,640 a month and there is a maximum yearly exclusion you can exclude up to $6,600 a month -- excuse me but you can exclude up to $6,006 a year in 2010. For the students earned income exclusion, there isn't a form to request or process. They will want to verify person's school in Rome and that can be done with an ID card, a tuition receipt or other evidence or sells a security can contact the school to verify attendance as well. It is recommended that your students that this is clearly indicated in writing when you are not defines as a security of employment. In most cases, the claims representative is not going to check with you if your report earnings to say you are in school. You are going to watch report that in writing along with reporting your income. And then when you write a letter and want to provide information such as with the school is, the contact information at the school, the number of hours that you are in a program, and the type of program. And many transition programs have developed their own letters as well.

I had to take a break to grab water real quick. Somebody asked students earned income exclusion, yes it is effective starting in grade seven. It is grade seven through 12.

A question was asked about the state curriculum have to be [Indiscernible] for paying jobs and it has to be training for college education to prepare a person to go to work and have a paying job, yes. I had a question about Minitel Burke and disabled program. And of the program about pro rating and there are situations where you can pray with that program but we're not covering the program to DASO I recommend that you contact me individually. Send me an e-mail once this is over and I can help you with that.

What is 14 students don't tell sources to but they earned under the exclusion amount? These exclusion amounts, this is used to exclude any and income they have to help them be able to default SSI check. If the person as $500 a month or $200 they still want to report that to the claims representative because you are responsible to report and the earned income you have coming in but it could be completely excluded using the student earned income exclusion so they might not see a change in their SSI check. Every month they can exclude up to $1,640 for the whole year they can exclude up to $6,600.

If they are getting training preparing for and implement it could possibly qualify. I recommend taking a look at these also skidded Redbook for more information about the different categories of training in how they qualify. Definitely talk to your SSI claim rep. It doesn't hurt to talk to them and see if you can qualify for this. Let's take a look at this calculation example.

As I said with the students earned income exclusion a student can have earning [Indiscernible] like in this example. We had a student who is receiving $845 a month and SSI predicted in part-time work and earning $500 a month in their job. Right off the bat their $500 of gross ridges and subtract the whole amount. Assistive their earned income exclusion so there countable income goes to zero. None of the way discount when calculating the person's SSI payment. They are able to keep getting that a full $845 in SSI and their bottom line they have their $500 in wages plus their $845 SSI and have about $1,345 expendable and come. The standard income is always applied before any other allow the exclusion so always before the $20 income exclusion before the $65 exclusion, before any internal related work expenses for example. And in this case, apply the full 500 drive up the top it makes the cuttable income go to zero right away. And this example, if this person which all 12 months in the calendar year, they could have a total of $6,000 excluded for the whole year. That means to the student earned income exclusion they be able to have an additional $500 a month on top of their check of 845. It can remain an effective when a student is on summer break. As long as the student intends to resume school when school reopens and actually does so. It's really great to have the word incentive like does that lets you work and have no reduction in your SSI check even. That is really powerful. Once again, it's something that you will want to talk to your SSI claims representative case they might not necessarily bring it up so make sure you are a great of advocate for yourself or a family member is. Let's talk about what the earnings are higher than in the examples I should. Their earnings are so high that there is SSI payment stops and goes to zero. 1619 B is a work incentive that allows working SSI recipients to keep free, no share of cost MediCal even if there is SSI check goes to zero. A lot of people mistakenly believe if there SSI check stubs do to wages the MediCal stops. That is where 6019 becomes an. MediCal is retained when the SSI payment is reduced to zero per month due to earned income. So you can keep your MediCal even if your SSI goes to zero. With 1619B, your MediCal continues until you earn above a threshold amount. Right now in California, the threshold amount for disabled individual is if your gross income does not exceed $34,324 in 2010. If your earnings to not exceed $34,324 you can keep your MediCal 1619B. If you are blind, you can earn up to $37,252 in 2010. These threshold amounts change every year. Just a heads up about that. These are the California rates so if you are on the call from another state, refer to the Social Security read book online for your stay threshold amount. What a person [Indiscernible] by the planned amount for the threshold amount is higher at $37,000 the simple answer is due to the fact that the blind have a very [Indiscernible]. Also, if a person has a very high medical cost they can earn even more. This is called an individualized threshold which I will explain in more detail in just a little bit. Also, 1619 B also allows for reinstatement. Your SSI benefits can start again if you stop working for your earnings decrease. So that is a great safety net if your an 1619B you keep the MediCal even if your SSI payment goes to zero and your SSI check interested in something happens and you have to stop working or decrease in earnings and your disability gets worse.

Let's take a look at the qualification needed for 1619B. To qualify you have to have been eligible for a SSI cash payment for at least one month. And you also would be eligible for cash payment except for your earnings, the high earnings is what's taking your SSI payment to zero. You are still disabled or blind and you need MediCal in order to work. Also you have to meet all other eligibility rules including the resources test. Tuesday and 1619B keep the MediCal to that you have to make sure your resources are still below the $2,000 resource limit for an individual and $3,000 resource limit for a couple. And then also you have to have a gross earned income that is insufficient to replace most of the missile security income, the medical and any publicly funded attended care.

Question about the [Indiscernible] I don't know that God definitely a would recommend you e-mail me and I can find that out for you.

Question about the difference between Medi-Cal and Medicare. MediCal is our state of California's Medicaid program. Our state health insurance program. And California will let the defense a recall Medicaid MediCal here in the state go if you are somebody on SSI you automatically get the MediCal. Medicare is a federal health-insurance program and that type of health insurance comes in certain situations if you are disabled or if your aged Medicare age is 65-years-old and if you are somebody who gets Social Security disability Insurance the receiving Medicare health insurance after you've been entitled for 24 months ago different disability benefit programs and you get different health insurance programs with them as well.

ARRA SSI workers post be asking these questions about 1619B illegibility before a terminating the benefit? Yes, if a person goes into the 1619B status if their earnings are still high, claims representatives should give you a form called a MediCal needs test so you want to make sure they know that you need that MediCal. And asking questions if you are still disabled and the unique the MediCal. -- and you need the MediCal. If a person earned over the threshold amount that I mentioned force 1619B, if a person who is disabled earned over 34,325 -- $324 goes a year where a person was by turns over that $37,252 gross annual income amount, at that point before terminating a person's SSI they should calculate individualized bushel but they should do that, but a lot of times a person might have to advocate for themselves to have this happen. Let's talk more about individualized threshold. If your earnings to go over the California threshold there might be a way to have the individualized threshold done. You want to work with your SSI claims representative at the Social Security office to have this calculated. These are some indicators he might qualify for a higher individualized minus cold. If your earnings go over the current California threshold amount. If you got blind work expenses come if you have in Perrin related work expenses, if you currently have a plan to achieve self support which I'm going to go over, also if you got in some supporters services that publicly funded personal attendant services somebody providing personal care assistance in the home or workplace, also if you have medical expenses above the state average and Social Security is fine to have to get that information from MediCal. If you go over the current threshold and you have any of these you are going to want to talk to and work with your SSI claims representative to have an individualized threshold calculated. I know an individual who has an individualized special between 50 and $60,000 a year. Can be a great deal higher and well worth your requesting that it is stipulated by your SSI claims representative if your earnings exceed the 1619 the California threshold. -- the 1619B California minus will.

Just a heads up, not also security field offices -- the social security field offices and do not do this in the but July is special cut tuition on a regular basis. He may need a little help. If you do, you can get help from the benefits planner such as a community work incentive coordinator of the work incentive Planning and Assistance Project go and there certified benefits planners trained in the incentives and it can help you to prepare for this if you go over the threshold. I assisted a gentleman with this and a claims representative was not familiar with the end of July Special so we had to speak to the office SSI supervisor to get things going. And then if you have any blind work expenses or a permit related work expenses, you are going to need to provide social skirt the proof of that, the original receipt or cancel check and have to be verified. And keep copies of anything that you give them for your records because sometimes things get lost.

There are a lot of specific situation questions going on about a person losing Medicare or MediCal and just because of the time constraints we have, I really recommend please feel free to E-mail me your questions. I will try to figure out what's going on or refer you to somebody in your area that definitely can help you with something going on with the Medicare and bad account. -- and MediCal.

Is there a payment for MediCal after it SSI due to work? If you are still in the 1619B status work incentive, when not going to have a premium. Its going to be freed no shared cost MediCal. [Indiscernible] your personal pressure is higher to also are still going to have free no share cost MediCal. If you go over the threshold if you enroll in a different Medi-Cal program such as the 250% and teleworking disable program, or a person can earn up to $55,000 a year, with that program there is a premium for MediCal. But it person in the 1619B and 1619B with an individualized threshold that person is going to have free now share of cost MediCal. The question please let us know where assistance can be accessed I wasn't sure if the reference to that was. If you could clarify Christine, did you need assistance through and some supporters services of someone who can give you assistance force of -- applying for an individualized threshold. Appreciate any repetition on that. -- any clarification on that.

I have links in the resources to find a benefits planner in your area. What is to the work incentive planning and systems project which I will show and disability benefit 101 behalf a blank at the top of the page on that website. We can search for a benefits planner here in California. And the link to the war did send a planner at assistant project provides and the planning for SSI and SSDI, those are free services in California and nationwide as well. Question about a person applying for benefits will have autism and 18-years-old. Would they be eligible for SSI or SSDI? If you are going to have gutted the application process with the Social Security and they are glad to have to tell you which one they qualify for. As a said for SSDI it depends on if that person has were before and if the have enough credits to qualify it's dependent on a person's individual situation and SSI there's my ticket income and resources to see if that person qualifies. Social Security is Glenn SSI is going to tell you which one of those benefits or even both the person is going to get. Let's talk about plan to achieve self support. And this is a SSI work incentive. It's an underutilized or incentive and it's a very powerful one. You can use path if there's something that you need to help the get a job or work. It can pay for anything. Just as long as you can justify it in relation to your work goal. PASS allows you to set aside and come or excess resources for a specified time to save toward the work goal. It can help a person establish or maintain SSI illegibility. It can also increase it persons SSI payment. Both individuals the receive SSI and SSDI recipients be eligible. Even though its 61 where incentive, a lot of people on SSDI use it as well. To use a PASS you must have income other than your SSI payment. You have to have which is coming in or eight SSDI payment deemed income from a parent or spouse, and monetary gift or inheritance, of these can be used to fund your PASS and access resources also over that $2,000 per $3,000 resource limits the SSI has. What you are going to do with the PASS is you will be putting this other income aside in a separate bank account. This will help you maximize your SSI payments and will use your SSI to pay for your living expenses. While you save your of the money towards your PASS expenses that you will need to go back to work. Were to go to work in the first place. For example, and some of your earning to greet -- to decrease to SSI committee can still default slew of him and said the switches and a big account for your PASS. You will be spending your and PASS savings on the items or services you will need that are included in your written a PASS plan.

Some of the things about PASS. You need to have a vocational goal. What job you want what's your PASS and is and how much do you expect to earn? Socials care is looking to see that you will reduce or eliminate the need for disability benefits once to begin working. To show that you will complete a written plan. There is a PASS application and they do have a link in the resources of this PowerPoint to get to that PASS application. And you have to show a reasonable timeframe to be your goal. For example, if you are going to law school and you say you are going to complete the program and one year, that's not reasonable. Another example if you are getting a bachelor's degree unique to show how many years of school it will require and provide your class schedule by semester or by quarter. Also your like to have to list and describe the expenses that you want to put into an PASS plan. And how much they cost and some examples can be a PASS for school tuition, for books, and the cost related to go to school. Startup costs for a business which is really great that you can use PASS to become self-employed. If you need a job codes and have to pay for that you can use a PASS for that also medical costs can be included, transportation such as mileage, tools and need for a new job, a computer if you need some type of assistive technology could pay for that, even pay for the training for that and what about rascal? Yes, you can write a PASS for grad school, for year bachelor's degree or master's degree. With you could write a speech to plan for any of those. If your goal is self employment, you also must include a business plan along with your PASS application. Hills Medical under PASS to get off SSI? And org SSDI permanently? With PASS when you are right to your application with they are looking for for SSI is a reduction in your need for benefits not necessarily completely losing their. But a reduction in our need for benefits and for SSDI to write a PASS, they are looking to see if once alert PASS is completed and you've got your job if your earnings will be over that what's called substantial in collectivity. That's $1,000 a month ago for somebody on SSDI, they are going to look and see if your vocational goal will eventually put you over that substantial gainful activity amount. Question about what they open up more training for benefits planners? There are several places that provide training to become a certified timidity work incentive coordinator. Virginia Commonwealth University do the work incentive Planning and Assistance technical assistance they train on a regular basis. There in person training for somebody to become a community work incentive court ended. You can e-mail me and I can send you late for that information. -- just because you had eight PASS before doesn't mean you cannot do another line. There are people who have multiple PASSes. Either in the online trains? Some places do have online training like Cornell University if you e-mail me I can send you information on that as well. Back to PASS. I want to give you a PASS example. I worked with a lady, she is getting SSI and she wanted to go to school to become a holistic health practitioner. She was getting the SSI but also working part-time as a school counselor so she had about a hundred dollars a month coming in from work. I helped her develop a PASS and Schroeder PASS to include the cost of her school tuition and also to buy books that she needed also tools she needed because to become a holistic health practice for her other goal was to become self-employed to store her own business. She needed a lot of tools to get started like she also put and for the cost of a narrow feedback machine which cost many thousands of dollars and the PASS cover that. And also things like massage oils and things like that that she needed for her practice. Also Business startup cost, she was able to put into her PASS her rent to get started. Furniture for her office space and marketing costs like the Internet and grocers, cards, think she needed to get the word out there about her business. She did a business plan and she went to school or and those are located to out your communities to go to have classes on developing a business plan to cut the have people that can review your business plan as well. She got help from SCORE for that. And there are people out there that can help you develop your plan, Della PASS overwhelm it. The application is about 15 pages but don't let that overwhelming because there are people and resources to help. Number one, the PASS cadre. This of the folks at Social Security that can send you the PASS application that can answer any questions you have about USPTO and you can turn your PASS application into them and they are glad to be the ones that guy to approve your PASS and how monetary or PASS. When you have a PASS they do check up about every six months to make sure you are keeping the PASS funds in a separate bank account and by spinning them on things that are in your approved PASS plan. They can help to get started. Also as I mentioned before, the Work incentive Planning and Assistance Project, the committee work incentive coordinator from the project can help you develop a PASS. I have a link to that in the resources to find one of them. A vocational counselor will help you with your PASS and another great resource to start, a disability benefit 101 website has a PASS calculator on there's AU can put in your information. The earnings you have or extra resources, what you want to do with your PASS and a can give you some information back on the PASS.

The PASS example and give the wanted to know how the individual and help with how her benefits were affected. In her case she was able to put aside -- she used her earnings to put into a PASS plan. Because she put all of her accountable earnings into the PASS each month she was able to keep receiving her fall maximum SSI check every month. Added the caveat with that is she needs to use that SSI check to pay for her rent, Hereford, her living expenses. And those earnings she is putting aside in the PASS account every month, those are being set up so she can find her school and the things she needed to start her business. And her case, she has a PASS, her earnings were excluded, so she was able to keep getting her full SSI check even though she had earnings from work coming in. She still had her MediCal. That's a really good question.

The property is essential to self support incentive. This one can help someone in the SSI find out resources or property that are essential to a person's [Indiscernible] of support. [Indiscernible] Social Security does not count property you have if you use it in a trade or business. Such as an inventory or goods and they also don't count personal property that you use for work such as tools or equipment. Social Security also does not count some of the value of what's called nonbusiness income producing property, for example, rental property. And they also do not count some of the value of nonbusiness property used for goods or services essential to give the activities. For example, land that produces vegetables or livestock solely for household consumption. You must be using that excluded property and if you are not you must expect to start using it again within 12 months to have excluded. If you have any stock, bonds or notes their liquid resources, these do not qualify under property essential to solve support. As exclusions unless you use them as part of your trade or business. It really great thing for somebody who is self-employed, the money in your business account can be excluded under this work incentive so it will not put you over the $2,000 resource limit for SSI. That's a really powerful and [Indiscernible].

You had a question about if PASS applies to the parents of minor children. I'm not sure about that. I'm going to have to look into that and e-mail me and I will find out the definite answer to that. I haven't had that question. How do it declared PASS to SSA. There isn't an application, with any work incentive its best to provide the information they need inviting. Information stating that these resources are property are used for Twitter business for example if you have inventory that you are using it for your business.

A question back to [Indiscernible] of support must all of a person's earning income base of the side and a PASS account? And no, it depends, they don't have to put aside all of their income, that's not a requirement.

The person on Social Security disability insurance when they get funding through a reverse mortgage does this affect a person's benefit. For Social Security disability Insurance the resources that you have if you've got money coming and like that's it doesn't count. It's excluded, it doesn't have the same resource limit you are looking at with SSI. I do not believe that that is glad to affect a person's benefit at all for Social Security disability Insurance. Rodney asked various Muslim and how long a person can be of the resource limit. With several missiles could income if you do go over the $2,000 par an individual resource limits or $3,000 for a couple, your SSI can go into a suspension but you have 12 months to spend your resources down below the limit. To get back on SSI. It's not going to be terminated driveway, you will have two months to spend down the resources you have over the limit. Or if you have access resources you might want to consider [Indiscernible] resources in a PASS plan to have exempt. I'm going to move along quickly. We've got a few more slides to go. We're getting down to 3:30. Section 301. With this work incentive, a social security. Likely they do in medical review. Also called a continuing this bill littery difficult for everybody who is on several medals for income and Social skirted disability insurance. If Social Security does a medical review on you and find to an older disabled, they cannot stop your SSI benefit until your participation in one of these programs that are listed here stops. Even if they decide that you've medically improved and no longer disabled, if you are enrolled in one of these programs and been in that program is going to increase the likelihood of you not returning back to the disability benefit rule, you can keep getting your benefit until you complete the program was stopped participation in the program or if your continued participation in the program allowed increases the likelihood that you remain off. Those programs include, if you are climbing [Indiscernible] and telephonic [Indiscernible] and you have an ID which is an individual plan for employment, also if you have in an its allies education plan and under age 22, if you've got one of those plans to achieve solid support, if you have [Indiscernible] to work and is an assignment with the Department of privilege Titian or employment network and then also secured debt and support services using an individualized written employment plan and that could be if you are getting services from a one-stop career centers, a public or private organization that delivers or court and its vocational rehabilitation services, a public, private or parochial school that provides or coordinates vocational rehabilitation services, employment services or other support services carried out under an individualized plan a program. Section 301 can be helpful for some of his life to an age 18 redetermination. When you have youths better on the SSI, and as a child when you are on SSI disability determination standard is a lot less stringent. When you hit age 18 if they do a real determination to see if you still qualify for SSI under that adult disability standard. And if they do find that you no longer qualify your SSI could end, but if you, if a student enrolled in one of these programs, their benefits can continue under Section 301. If they hit 18 and to the redetermination and they are found not to make the adult standard disability. If there is a Department of rehabilitation client and have an IPE they can continue with SSI until the program ends. And the heads up I was talking to somebody from the Social Security and they said when the redetermination is happening at age 18, Social Security is going to give the person or family inform called the continuing disability review report. There's a question on their you want to make sure you answered yes to if you are in a transition program. It's Section eight, question No. 8 and asks Since the date of your last medical decision heavy participated or are you participating in to get to work, a plan with the private or state the case telerehabilitation service, and implement network where other support services. Be sure to answer yes if you are in a transition program. Or if you have a PASS or and IWE are Department of rehabilitation. Otherwise you to be medically some of did they find you don't make that adult this bill the standard. It really is up to the consumer, the family are advocates to make sure that the SSI claims representative knows the person is in a program. There not Mrs. Selig led to the core ask and people get terminated who could have stayed on the SSI through its Section 301. And implement plan their regional centers could count. Is there a limit to the number of times it can go over the resource limit. I don't believe there's a limit as long as if you want to stay on SSI as long as he sped down the resources within 12 months to get back on. If you go beyond 12 months than they are going to terminate your SSI if your over the resource limit.

Quickly about to get to work that mentioned. To get to work this is an employment program for people with disabilities that are interested in going to work. If for about the SSI work incentive and all they are looking pretty cool to have more money to keep the MediCal but where do you go to get a job. And you can use your ticket to work for that. Social Security provides a with a ticket and you can call the number on the slide 2 request a ticket from Social Security or to get more information. All SSI and SSDI recipience ages 18 to 64 in cash payment status or eligible to receive a ticket. You can take your ticket to either Department of rehabilitation in California or in employment network to help with obtaining service and support. The ticket to work may be able to help you access the occasional rehabilitation services, education and placement services. It is your choice to use your ticket or not and if you take it to. Services dewberry between the different employment networks. These implement networks are contacted with Social Security with a variety of services. What I recommend is to contact the different employment network that serve your area and find out what they come offer you to find out which one is the right choice for you. One benefit of assigning your ticket is that Social Security cannot do a medical review on you while your ticket is an assignment. If you are worried about the medical review, if your ticket is a sign, they cannot do one. To get a ticket or find out if you are eligible you can call (866)968-7842. That's on the slide. It can also learn more and search for employment network that serves our area and the website. It's on the slide as well. Is a required that everyone in SSI assigned to get prior to working? If a person is on the SSI between ages 18 to 64 and in cash payment status they are ticket eligible. But a person does not have to assign their ticket to anybody to go to work. It's an option for them, it's a way to help a person go to work to get the support services they need but not a requirement to assign your ticket go it's totally the toys of the person on SSI. Along with the ticket's delayed a medical review? As long as your ticket is an assignment, when its assigned there are certain milestones you have to meet. When your ticket is an assignment and working with an employment network, and I have a fact sheet in the resources that can tell you more about that. It will delay and medical review as long as you are assigned and actively working with their employment now work in your meeting the milestones.

In your community, where did go to find out more information about the work incentive and to get to work? One thing is for incentives said Mark events and these are free community events where SSI and SSDI and issues and their families can learn more about employment and benefits. They are held by the regional work incentive Planning and Assistance Project and you can meet your local community work incentive coordinator who's the certified benefit plan and you can meet employment networks that you can assign your ticket to. You can find one near you by going online at this website and I checked and there are two upcoming events in California in April. On April 14 there is one in Modesto and of about 20, there is one in Fresno. What to go to the website on my to learn more about that and to register and find out where they are. There are now offering online at the National wide webinars and also wide teleconferences but it did find out in the next one of those is happening on this website as well.

Which reporting. You heard about the work incentive it, you want a job or have one but what are your responsibilities for reporting Social Security? A person has to report all wages and the net earnings from self employment and this includes in kind items received in lieu of wages. What is the wide website? It's in the resources section of the PowerPoint as well.

If you have wages you are responsible to report both sources to be and if you are a person who has a representative payee, they are responsible to report any changes in your income. I recommend you report this employment in person or with a letter. Don't call the hundred number because that information does not get passed along. And also take into the social skiddy office or mail copies of your pay stubs each month. If the office requires original copies of your pay stubs be sure to make copies to keep for yourself because sometimes things get lost. You want to provide pay stubs as soon as you receive the last step each month and you need to bring them and no later than the tenth of each month. For example, once you've got your pay stubs for the month of March, you want to make sure you get those into Social Security no later than April 10. For SSI, earnings count in the amount you receive them so the month you get the money in your bag or in your hand. Also for the self of plumbing, they are looking at your net earnings from self employment and the will average those equally among all 12 calendar months for the year regardless of when you started working. For people for self-employed the one to see your tax return at the end of the year as well. It is a little bit different. It's another thing the work incentive Planning [Indiscernible] can help you with. It has more complicated rules. I recommend keeping a benefit binder, keeping all your pay stubs and any letters you send to Social Security have copies of those. Receipts from any work incentives that you are claiming. In the letters you get from Social Security, and of those pile of a but try to keep those. It's best to help cover -- cover yourself if you need to appeal a decision they make. If you report your earnings to your local Social Security office, be sure to get a receipt from them when you report in person there. And to the mail disinformation? You want to go to the local Social Security office that serves you and you can go on the SSA.gov website and search for your closest office by zip code. I recommend going and person the first time and then they will give you envelopes at the office that you can use and they will get information about what claims representative you want to send an affirmation to. -- send that information to.

Question about social skiddy but people to call in their wages go with the SSI they do have a phone call in system for reporting wages. This system is not good for somebody like to has impairment related work expenses. I recommend dropping them off or mailing them is best to report earnings. If that information is lost for the appeal, a great resource for help with the appeals to that question is disability rights California and they do help with appeals. You can Google disability rights, fun and contact them if you do need help with an appeal and overpayments do happen with SSI, it's a couple months before the adjustment payments. They will work with you and try to save some money aside to pay them back over got a payment plan with them as well. I'm going to go quickly. I recommend it if the office is a long way our recommend calling a ton Agip plans represented and getting them information to mail your pasted directly to them. -- to mail your pasted directly to them.

And going to go were quickly [Indiscernible] this is our website and we have information on there for job-seekers, employers and service providers and benefits planning, accommodations and things like that. We're also on FaceBook and have updates on what's going on, events that might be interested in. Disability benefits ones are welcome if you never got to this website before, disability 101.org I highly recommend you check it out. They have information about both federal and state disability benefits. All the work incentives I mentioned today and more, they have mitigation -- information on Medicare and MediCal and Howard is going to affect benefits go to have a Great calculated to give you a credible estimates of how work will impact a benefit. It looks at not just your SSI or SSDI but also your section eight and everything is in Spanish as well and have a list of benefits planners on that website. And were incentive Planning and Assistance projects, here's the link to find one that serves our area to get that free benefit planning for SSI or SSDI beneficiaries. Why since the mentioned the lead before to find a work incentive seminar event in your area. If you are interested in ticket to work and you can go to your ticket to work.org to get more information. And as the information on their to request a ticket. Great to get to work frequently asked questions like we have here as well. I did send this PowerPoint ahead of time if you didn't get it, feel free to contact me. My e-mail is going to come up in a minute. If you want to talk to our [Indiscernible] about a PASS plan, it can search online to fine with us a desert region and we have daily care for the PASS form and a link to the Red book to look for my information on all the SSI and SSDI with incentive to go that's another good place to start. There are questions that were more personal that I cannot answer and we run out of time. If you have a question, please feel free to contact me. My phone number is (619)594-5381. We also have brochures that we can send you. I can work brochure which is great use with consumers that are starting out with work. Information about resources available to them in California and the MediCal parking disabled pressure for the 200 50% working disabled program and it's great information to have your Consumer and great views if your plan for the program at your local MediCal office. I'm going to be sent out an evaluation form to everybody so please fill that out and let me know if and how we can improve it. What topics you legacy in the future and I will attach the PowerPoint when I send that out. If you didn't get anything for me, please e-mail me once again. Thank you for your awesome questions and staying with me today. I know it was a lot of information. Please feel free to contact me and I hope you can join this and may for our next webinar. Have a great week and I'm going to type in my e-mail and phone number also into the chat quick in case you didn't see the slide. Thank you very much, have a really great rest of your day.

[Event concluded]