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Staff and Faculty

Dr. Steve Spencer is the Director of the FSM SPED BA Program. He is assisted by Dr. Theresa Lally, Pacific Program Coordinator and Michelle Warn, Director of the Center for Distance Learning at Interwork Insittute.Please send any inquiries concerning this program to Dr. Spencer at .

fred mcfarlane

Fred McFarlane, Ph.D.
ARPE Department Chair at SDSU / Director, Interwork Institute


Dr. McFarlane is Professor and Chair of the Department of Administration, Rehabilitation and Postsecondary Education and Co-Director of the Interwork Institute at San Diego State University. His vision and leadership skills, along with those of Dr. Ian Pumpian, led in 1990 to the creation of the Interwork Institute, which hosts the Center for Pacific Studies..

steve spencer

Steve Spencer, Ph.D.
Director, Interwork Institute Center for Pacific Studies


Dr. Steve Spencer has a background in special education and adult services for individuals with disabilities. He has worked extensively in the Pacific Region and has 25 years of experience in education-related direct services,program administration, public policy development, training and technical assistance.

Marianne Temaungil

Theresa Lally
Program Coordinator, Center for Pacific Studies at Interwork Institute


Minah Oh, MIS
Director, Interwork Institute Center for Distance Learning

Ms. Oh directs the Interwork Institute Center for Distance Learning at San Diego State. The Distance Learning program currently offers Masters and Bachelors degrees, certificates and training via distance and distributed learning to students nationally and internationally.




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