Maximizing Your NSSE & CCSSE Results

Jillian Kinzie, Associate Director, NSSE Institute
Nathan Marti, CCSSE, Senior Research Associate, The University of Texas at Austin

This session provides institutional researchers, faculty, administrators and staff with CCSSE and NSSE data an opportunity to better understand student engagement, survey data and reports, and gain ideas for maximizing their use of results.  We will begin the session with a general discussion about student engagement, and then separate into NSSE and CCSSE specific meetings for more in-depth discussion of reports, Benchmarks and Scales, and ways to use results in accreditation, the study of student retention, and other campus assessment efforts.  Some time will be dedicated to working in small groups on an activity that encourages participants to use CCSSE and NSSE benchmarks to developed increasingly refined questions about engagement on their campuses. Results of small group work will be shared with workshop participants.

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