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SunGard Higher Education provides products and services to more than 1,600 institutions worldwide, helping them measurably improve their performance. Visit us at www.sungardhe.com.

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NuventiveNuventive is all about unlocking the potential of individuals and institutions. We are a leading provider of comprehensive, integrated real-time software solutions, services and expertise that support the continuous process for assessing, managing and continuous improvement of lifelong learning, programs and institutions. For more information, visit their website at www.nuventive.com



Tk20 provides CampusTools HigherEd – Your complete solution for assessment and reporting at colleges and universities. Although as complex as any enterprise, colleges have lacked seamlessly integrated, sophisticated educational systems that are tailored for their operation. Typically, universities have been forced to use disjointed and disparate tools that do not operate well together. And there’s good reason. Most often, these tools were originally developed for corporations and do not allow for existing processes already in use in academic settings. For more information, visit their website at www.tk20.com


WEAVEonline is a web-based assessment system that helps you to manage accrediation, assessment and quality improvement processes for your college or university.  For more information, visit their website at www.weaveonline.com


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Colleague-Connect is a new, free, web service, available right now to your organization, that will enable your attendees to find others with similar interests and communicate with them on-line, before, during and after the conference.


The conference code is turkey