Adult and Vocational Education

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Bachelor's Degree in Vocational Education (BVE)

This course of study is specifically intended for persons who currently teach, train, or supervise others in the workplace, who design and teach competency workshops or seminars, who teach vocational or continuing education courses, or who teach skills-based subjects to adults.

Professional Development Courses (Level I & Level II) for Designated Subjects

This two-level program first helps occupational and adult teachers develop survival-level classroom skills and then assists them in making the transition to full-time professional educators. These courses are approved by the San Diego Office of Education and partially meet the requirements to clear the preliminary credential.

Certificate in Vocational Education

The PET-AIR/BVE Program is a Bachelor's level training certificate program that addresses the academic goals of the Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation Professional. Tribal Vocational rehabilitation (under Section 121 of the Rehabilitation Act) professionals that have an Associates Degree in any human service or education related field is eligible to apply for PET-AIR/BVE.

Master’s Degree in Postsecondary Education

The department offers a program leading to a Master of Arts (MA) in Education with an emphasis in Educational Leadership in Postsecondary Education. Students who pursue the MA degree are prepared for effective management and leadership in changing multicultural societies and in varying organizational environments. Students also choose courses or concentrations in which they are personally interested.

Graduate Certificate in Community College Teaching
Projections from the California Community College Chancellor's Office (CCCCO) indicate that by the year 2010 over 18,000 new full-time faculty will be needed to teach the estimated 500,000 new community college students and replace the thousands of existing faculty who will be retiring from the state's community colleges. This graduate certificate program in Community College Teaching provides completers with these experiences and competencies.

Graduate Certificate in Workforce Education and Lifelong Learning (C-WELL)
This 15-unit graduate certificate program offers advanced study and field-based research opportunities for educators interested in leadership roles in adult education. The certificate is particularly appropriate for developers of education and training programs for adults and non-college bound youth.