Marilee J Bresciani Ludvik, Ph.D.


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Accountability & Assessment







Mindfulness Education, Integrative Inquiry, and Contemplative Science



A Different Approach to Accountability

Assessment and accountability have become words that many resist to engage in dialogue around or simply resist to integrate into their daily work life. While the previous 4 decades in higher education have shown changes to the ways in which we evaluate student learning and development as well as the ways in which we hold organizations accountable for delivering expected quality, we remain in an environment of distrust and disillusion.

Our work seeks to restore trust in sound inquiry processes through mindful dialogue and design thinking. In addition, we seek to illustrate how focusing on the complexities of student success can create challenges in using many metrics that are often used in accountability conversations. Beginning with the question of "what is it you choose to create?" we guide organizations through a process that allows them to design an inquiry process to determine where their current processes of assessment, evaluation, program review, competency-based assessment, and accountability indicators may be able to be refined.

We believe it is important to understand how what you do every day is influencing that which you want to create. And we are well aware of the challenges and need for holistic ways of designing student success, while advancing access, affordability, quality, value, and accountability.

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