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Marilee Bresciani Ludvik, Ph.D
Administration, Rehabilitation, and Postsecondary Education
San Diego State University
3590 Camino del Rio North,
San Diego, California 92108
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Marilee Bresciani Ludvik, Ph.D. serves as Professor of Postsecondary Educational Leadership at San Diego State University, where she coordinates the mindfulness-based integrative inquiry program. Marilee previously served as the Assistant Vice President for Institutional Assessment at Texas A&M University and the Coordinator of Undergraduate Assessment at North Carolina State University.

Marilee's previous research has focused on effective and holistic ways to evaluate student learning and development. While the bulk of her research has been in the standards and accountability arena, she transitioned to emotion regulation curriculum design and evaluation because she was noting, time and again, that there was something we were missing in curriculum measurement and design. In other words, for decades we have been collecting a lot of data and making changes to improve students' learning and development, yet, we are still falling short of achieving standards. Why? Marilee posits that it is because we are not integrating the role emotions play in students', teachers' and administrators' ability to perform consistently at high levels without undue harm caused by stress.

As such, her most recent research focuses on using translational neuroscience to inform the design and evaluation of workshops and curriculum to decrease students’, faculty, and administrators’ stress and anxiety and increase their attention, emotion, and cognitive regulation, as well as enhance critical thinking, compassion, resilience, and creativity.

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