Marilee J Bresciani Ludvik, Ph.D.


About Marilee Bresciani

Accountability & Assessment







Mindfulness Education, Integrative Inquiry, and Contemplative Science




Below is a selection of Dr. Bresciani's presentations. For a complete list, see her CV.

bullet Implementing an Assessment Cycle
bullet Conceptual Overview of Assessment
bullet Guiding Your Colleagues Through the Assessment Cycle
bullet Assessing and Accountability in Student Affairs
bullet What do you Need and Want to Know to be an Effective Assessment Faculty Fellow?
bullet Write One, Measure Two
bullet Implementing Outcomes-Based Assessment of Student Learning?

Creating a Learning Culture and Acquiring Faculty Buy-In

bullet Case Studies to accompany this presentation
bullet How to Build and Sustain a Culture of Assessment in Your College and Department

You're Teaching...What are Your Students Learning?

bullet Implementing Lessons Learned: Establishing a Culture of Evidence-Based Assessment

bullet Moving Forward with the Next Steps
bullet The Role of Collaboration in Assessing Student Learning within Student Affairs
bullet The Role of Learning in Student Affairs' Outcomes
bullet Connecting Assessment of Student Learning to Program Review
bullet Common Challenges to Implementing OBPR
bullet Sharing and Using Program Review Results
bullet Utilizing Outcomes-Based Program Review to Inform Resource Allocations
bullet Values Based Decision Making

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