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While the bulk of my research has been in the standards and accountability arena, I transitioned to emotion regulation curriculum design and evaluation because we noticed that there was something missing in curriculum measurement and design. In other words, for decades we have been collecting a lot of data and making changes to improve students' learning and development, yet, we are still falling short of achieving standards. Why? I posit it that is because we are not integrating the role emotions play in students', teachers' and administrators' ability to perform consistently at high levels without undue harm caused by stress.

Research has shown that emotions play a role in regulating what gets stored and recalled from memory, as well as playing a role in decision-making and prioritizing of decisions. When the amygdala activity is heightened, it down-regulates executive functions. Our interdisciplinary team’s research led to the design of a curriculum that assists students to cultivate awareness of their emotions so that they can make choices fully aware of the consequences of those choices. Furthermore, our curriculum assists participants to be with difficult emotions, cultivating awareness so that difficult emotions do not become destructive emotions that can lead to destructive behaviors.

Our interdisciplinary work seeks to empower students, faculty, and administrators to bring their whole selves into the work that they do and consider how the way in which they are currently designing learning and development opportunities and evaluating them may be limiting creativity and innovation. We welcome your ideas and insights, please contact us at

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