The purpose of this Center is to implement applied research, re-design curriculum and provide leadership development opportunities for postsecondary leaders within two-year and four-year institutions, with particular emphasis on access, equity, and student success as well as outcomes-based assessment/evidence based decision making in order to contribute to institutional practice and policy for the improvement of integrated student learning and development.

The Center will accomplish this purpose by providing services and research in three areas.

  • Curriculum - in the delivery of its Masters Degree in Postsecondary Educational Leadership, its Master's Degree in Postsecondary Educational Leadership with a Specialization in Student Affairs/Services and its Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership, the Center will utilize the expertise of Administration, Rehabilitation, and Postsecondary Education faculty as well as other discipline experts to educate future leaders who will demonstrate competencies in research, planning, and application in order to impact institutional policies for the improvement of integrated student learning and development.  More specifically, graduates of the program will be able to identify through outcomes-based assessment how co-curricular initiatives contribute to student learning at their institutions and how those contributions can inform policy and practice that promote access, equity, and student success.  In addition, we seek to prepare leaders who can facilitate the integration of student learning and development in every sense of the word.  See the academic program website for more information.

  • Outreach – in the delivery of academic year workshops, podcasts and summer institutes, the Center will educate postsecondary leaders, particularly student affairs/services professionals, about how they can utilize research and planning (e.g., outcomes-based assessment) to better understand how their programs are collaboratively contributing to student-learning.  Furthermore, workshop and institute participants will be able to use their outcomes-based assessment findings to inform policy and practice.  Refer to the Institute website to learn more about these exciting opportunities.

  • Research – through a multitude of collaborations, the Center focuses on how administrators design programs and policies that contribute to enhancing student learning and development.  In addition, research will be conducted to identify effective practices and other characteristics that lead to effective integrated student learning within higher education.