Khevin Barnes

Founder and President

The Dr. Wilderness Show, Inc.

6959 Peachtree Road

Carlsbad CA 92009

Telephone: 760 804-0718


Created fifteen years ago in Portland, Oregon by Master Magician Khevin Barnes, The Dr. Wilderness Show, Inc., a nonprofit company, has both entertained and educated tens of thousands of children all over the world about planet Earth and critical environmental issues.  Billed as a traveling science show, the program uses stage magic as a learning tool to capture and hold the attention of young audiences while delivering information and facts about the fragility and wonders of our environment, and important concepts like conservation, recycling, and pollution management.

The company is beginning its seventh performance year with the San Diego County Water Authority (160 elementary school performances each season), and will also work this year with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, Municipal Water District of Orange County, Rosamond Community Service District, and Palmdale Water District at the elementary school level (grades K-6).  Other recent school-based clients in California include the City of Santa Barbara, Ventura Science Discovery Center (past three years), Paso Robles, Huntington Beach, and Victorville. School-based programs are aligned with the Statewide standards for water science education.

In 2002 the City of San Diego and Earthworks presented The Dr. Wilderness Show, Inc. with a prestigious EARTH AWARD for impacting more than 200,000 children in San Diego County regarding regional water issues, including the importance of conservation and wise water use.  A 1994 prime-time television special produced by Station KOIN (CBS) in Portland, Oregon won several Emmy's for the show; Dr. Wilderness was voted "Best Family Entertainer" in 1997 by the Pacific Coast Association of Magician's; and in 1991 the Audubon Society called Dr. Wilderness, "America's premier environmental magician." In 1998, Khevin Barnes (aka Dr. Wilderness) wrote, arranged, and performed tunes from The Dr. Wilderness Show, Inc. for a CD entitled, "What in the World is a Kinkajou?" The CD, intended for the young audience, has received critical acclaim from educators and environmental groups.


Major clients include Portland General Electric, Northwest Natural Gas, Portland Bureau of Environmental Services, Salem Electric, Salem Public Works, Eugene Water and Electric Board, Columbia River Public Utility District, National Orange Show, Municipal Water District of Orange County, and San Diego County Water Authority.  Corporate and municipal grants to The Dr. Wilderness Show, Inc. a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation, now exceed $1,000,000. Other performance venues have included the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, annual Children's Clean Water Festival in Portland, Oregon, and Children’s Water Festival in Orange County, San Diego Earth Fair, and more than forty foreign countries.  Recent world tours, some 100 performances outside the U.S., were booked in Germany, Japan, and Korea on behalf of the U.S. Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DODDs).