San Diego Rural Areas Prior to 2003 Wildfires


View from Cuyamaca Peak lookingNorth towards Ramona and Boulder Creek


Photo By Barbara Barnes                                                                            

Mature manzanita, Harvey Moore trail                                            Descanso Creek        


View of Lake Cuyamaca from North Peak                                                                                                 Photo by Marcello Mastrocola



Stonewall Peak and Little Stonewall viewed from Lake Cuyamaca                                 Granite Springs trail camp                         



Intersection of Stonewall Creek & Soapstone fire roads                                                                  Soapstone fire road                                  


                              East Mesa fire road                                 View of Sugar pines on backside of Middle Peak


                                                                               Tiger lilies along Azalea Glenn Trail                Photos By Barbara Barnes  

Fern flat fire road

Middle Peak fire road

East Mesa area

Photo Credits:

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