Harris Fire

Sensitive Plants at Risk by Location

• Mexican flannelbush occurs on the Jamul mountains, which generally burned
at a low severity

• San Diego thorn-mint populations east of Lower Otay Reservoir and south of
Sweetwater Reservoir are near the fire perimeters edge (low severity) or
outside of burn area

• San Diego ambrosia north of Upper Otay Reservoir and east of Lower Otay
Reservoir either burned at a low severity or was outside of the burn area

• Dunn’s mariposa lily has scattered occurrences in the west and south part of
the burn area

• Otay tarplant occurs south of Lower Otay Reservoir and southwest of
Sweetwater Reservoir and on Rancho Jamul Ecological Reserve. These
areas sustained low to moderate burn severity

• Dehesa nolina occurs near Barber Mountain and near State Route 94
southeast of Campo. These areas burned at a low to moderate severity

• Gander’s ragwort occurs near Barber Mountain, and Tecate Peak, which
burned with moderate severity

• Approximately 725 acres of Tecate cypress burned on Tecate Peak