Harris Fire


The burn area is characterized by high relief and steep slopes with narrow canyon bottoms and outwash alluvial fans. It is in the Peninsular Range geomorphic region with its western edge along the Peninsular Range and Coastal Plain geomorphic boundary. San Miguel Mountain and the Jamul Mountains border the western edge of the Harris Fire with canyons cross-cutting the landscape to the east. The elevations of the Harris Fire range from 245 feet above MSL to 3,883 feet. The Harris fire extended over three separate watersheds (Sweetwater, Otay, and Tijuana) with the vast majority being in the Otay, and the Tijuana watersheds. These three drainages contain ten sub-watersheds:

Sweetwater Watershed (Sweetwater River)
• Sweetwater Marsh sub-watershed
• Sweetwater Reservoir

Otay Watershed (Otay River)
• Otay Reservoir
• Jamul Creek

• Otay River sub-watersheds

Tijuana Watershed (Cottonwood Creek)
• Lower Pine Valley
• Cottonwood Creek/Lake Morena
• Cottonwood Creek/McAlmond Canyon
• Cottonwood Creek/Potero Creek
• Campo Creek