Roblar 2

Oct. 21–Nov. 4, 2003

•Total Acres: 8,592

•Estimated Suppression Cost: $5.4 million

•Firefighters Assigned at Peak: 1,313

•Residences Destroyed: 0

•Lives Lost: 0

•Communities Evacuated: De Luz

•Cause: Under Investigation

•Fuel Type: Grass and brush

The Camp Pendleton Commander ordered the construction of an extensive fuel break network after the first Roblar Fire in 1985. Over 100 miles of fuel breaks had been constructed prior to the start of the Roblar 2 Fire. Initial attack forces used these existing fuel breaks to contain a portion of the fire the first night. Chief Officers recognized the potential for a complex firefight as the fire spread onto adjacent jurisdictions and threatened communities. On October 21, a Federal Regional Team was ordered. The team’s strategies and tactics were successful and by October 26, they were able to quickly demobilize their resources, making them available for new fire starts in the region. This quick demobilization was accomplished through close coordination with South Ops.