Circle for American Indian Rehabilitation and Education (CAIRE)


CAIRE Mission Statement

The Circle for American Indian Rehabilitation and Education (CAIRE) is focused on the Continuing Education, Training, and Technical Assistance needs for programs providing vocational rehabilitation, continuing education and human services for Indian Country. CAIRE provides a high standard of education and training through established curriculum with attention to culture and American Indian issues and perspectives.


Medicine Wheel, Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, PhysicalInterwork Institute has employed Tribal members for 20 years. American Indian staff has focused education and training delivery for Tribes with attention to culture, sovereignty, Tribal protocol and perspectives for appropriate competent service delivery. CAIRE was developed to address education and training needs for Tribes throughout the nation. Interwork Institute staff have traveled and provided training onsite for over 50 Tribal Nations throughout the United States. Experience working with Tribal governments has been key for appropriate and successful programs designed for continuing education in Indian Country and urban areas.


CAIRE administers the Post Employment Training – American Indian Rehabilitation (PET-AIR) certificate program. Over 150 Tribal members have participated in PET-AIR. CAIRE partnership with Tribal organizations include CANAR and TVR CIRCLE. CAIRE also hosts the American Indian Advisory Council website for the state of California. The web address is: , look under the centers tab for CAIRE and web link.

For information and applications for the CAIRE Program, contact:

Jim E. Warne MS, CAIRE Director
Phone: 619-594-6163 Fax: 619-594-4208

TVR CIRCLE Resources

American Indian Advisory Council

The American Indian Advisory Council began in 1998, a collaboration between California's American Indian community and the Department of Rehabilitation. Our mission is to inform, empower, and link American Indians with physical and/or mental challenges, to culturally sensitive resources to aid in preparing for and engaging in employment.

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