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Community College Teaching Certificate

NOTE: We are no longer accepting applicants for the Community College Teaching Certificate at this time.

The Community College Teaching Certificate (CCTC) Program at San Diego State University is designed to prepare current and prospective community college faculty in transfer, basic skill, vocational, and career technical education areas.  The program goals include improving competencies of existing and prospective faculty.  The program incorporates experiences developing instructional strategies to improve student learning, gaining competence in curriculum and course development and evaluation, and learning methods to meet adult student learning needs.   Students participate in a combination of in-class, online, and internship-based learning experiences.  The program will also assist prospective faculty in the development of skills and materials necessary to secure full-time and part-time community college employment.

Target Audience

The CCTC program has been designed to meet the needs of graduate students, existing full or part-time faculty in post-secondary education, and people in business seeking a career change. 

Goals/ Student Learning Outcomes

Participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an ability to identify key issues affecting basic skills and career technical education.
  • Expand teaching strategies to include teaching adults and assessing adult learning.
  • Develop a portfolio of high quality application materials a part-time or full-time community college or University faculty position.
  • Develop a sample program curriculum, including alignment of program Student Learning Outcomes and methods for assessing program quality.


Financial Disclosure  

Gainful Employment Disclosure: Community College Teaching Certificate