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I would like to teach or counsel at a community college…

Do I need a credential? 

Many decades ago, the Chancellor’s Office of California Community Colleges issued credentials based on academic preparation.  That practice ended, and for the last two or three decades, the minimum requirement has been based solely on academic training.  Credentials are no longer issues.

Do I need a “certificate” like the one offered by ARPE in order to teach? 

No, a certificate is not required. But the certificate provides a Department Chair with evidence of your knowledge of community college curriculum development, theories and practices to engage adult learners, and strategies for teaching and measuring learning.

How do I go about getting experience? 

Students are given assignments in each of the three classes that include opportunities to contact the Department Chair at a community college or attend a community college curriculum committee meeting.  It is then up to the student to follow-up with the Department Chair and ask if a faculty member in the Department would be willing to serve as a one-semester mentor. The SDSU coordinator follows up to answer any questions the prospective mentor would have.

What can I do to improve my knowledge of CCs?

Begin reading as much as you can about community colleges and about classroom teaching, counseling, or library work.  See our list of resources and websites on the Resources page for more information.