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The CCTC program is a 12-unit program offered at San Diego State University that blends in-class and distance education and incorporates applied learning through an internship experience. The following courses are required to complete the Certificate program:

ARP 611 - Program Development and Evaluation in Postsecondary Education

Process of program development, change, improvement and evaluation for postsecondary education. Covers instructional programs, curriculum development and student services programming. Includes designing instructional strategies to meet student learning needs.

ARP 631 - Seminar in Teaching in Postsecondary Education

Teaching process at postsecondary education level addressing syllabus construction, lesson planning, using technology in teaching, assessing learning through authentic evaluation techniques.

ARP 730 - Seminar in Adult Learning

Patterns and implications of life-long learning. Emphasizes adult learning principles and styles, effects of adult development changes on learning, and teaching techniques in adult education programs.

ARP 760 - Internship

Working with a community College mentor gaining experience in community college teaching or counseling.