Course Description

Core Course Descriptions

The course sequence is based on the required courses for the Master of Arts in Education with a concentration in Educational Leadership. The typical courses offered for these types of programs are:

ARP 610 (Educational Leadership) 3 units:
Concepts and techniques of leadership, analysis of the factors and practice in the procedures of individual and group leadership as applied to education and related fields.

ARP 727 (Emerging Issues in Postsecondary Education) 3 units:
Identification and analysis of emerging local, national, and international issues impacting education and related fields.

ARP 747 (Educational Leadership in a Diverse Society) 3 units:
Current theory and practice in meeting needs of diverse learning. Leadership and administration of organizations as political complex systems requiring consensus building dynamic in a multicultural society.

ED 690 (Methods of Inquiry) 3 units:
Research methods in education and related fields. Location, selection, and analysis of professional literature. Methods of investigation, data analysis, and reporting.

ED 791A (Evaluation Techniques) 3 units:
Prerequisite: Education 690 and advancement to candidacy for the Master’s Degree. Theory and practice in program development and evaluation.

ED 791B (Practicum: Evaluation) 3 units:
Supervised experience in conducting a program or product evaluation, strategy selection, procedures, reporting methods, culminating in a written project. ED 791A and B are linked together and typically are taught together over a period of six months. The work product is a culminating study for the MA degree.

ARP 740 Advanced Seminar in Administration Postsecondary Education 3 units:
Study of a selected area in administration, rehabilitation or postsecondary education, such as educational law, finance, supervision, personnel procedures, etc.

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