Internship Opportunities

Internship Opportunities

The principle internship goal is to provide students with an opportunity for a gradual transition from the University setting into an actual work setting.  In some cases, this transition may be difficult, and, in most cases, involves testing theory against practice and providing the students with the opportunity to determine their own strengths and areas for needed improvement.  If this transition is made with adequate supervision, the students will find greater strength and confidence in what they are doing.  Thus, students have the opportunity to learn under effective supervision and to adapt themselves more realistically to the professional life they are about to enter.

Instructions for 760 Internship Course

San Diego State University Risk Management and the College of Education require forms to be completed and submitted before students are allowed to begin work in their internship sites. Please read here what is required of you and be sure to complete the forms before beginning your work.


Step 1 - SDSU Liability Waiver: The first document to be submitted is the Liability Waiver signed by you. If you have not done so already, please complete the form and submit it ASAP to the ARPE Academic Coordinator, Leesa Brockman, at

Step 2 - Risk Management Questionnaire - Completed electronically by the Site Supervisor & Due before you begin working at the site. Email Leesa Brockman the following information so she can send the RMQ to your supervisor:

    1. Your name and projected start date for the internship.
    2. Your site supervisor's name, title, and e-mail.

Leesa will then initiate the electronic Risk Management Questionnaire that will go to your Internship Supervisor and others to be completed. Please communicate to your internship supervisor to look for this document via their email as you cannot start working at the site before that document has been received and recorded.

Step 3 - The Service Learning Agreement - Completed electronically by the Site Supervisor & Due before you begin working at the site. This will also be generated electronically by our Academic Coordinator, Leesa Brockman if the site where you are working does not already have an agreement on file with San Diego State University and will be delivered to your site supervisor via email. Once we receive back the risk management questionnaire from the supervisor and there are no red flags, then Leesa will send the form electronically to the supervisor identified in Step 2 or the legal signer for the site. Then it will be signed by your instructor, Dr. Sax, a representative from the College of Ed and finally Contracts and Procurement. Once this is signed and filed, you may begin your internship.

Step 4 - The Learning Plan - Due in hard copy form no later than September 10th (to your instructor's mailbox in EBA-246). Finally, the other form is a Learning Plan, which is between our college, department, program and the student, which you will complete with your Site Supervisor. This form lets the instructor know the student's goals that have been set between the student and the site supervisor. Please work through the Learning Plan and obtain all required learning objectives, signatures, and initials, including yours, from your Site Supervisor as indicated. Please note that incomplete documents (e.g., missing signatures, completing the wrong documents, etc.) slow down the approval process.


*IMPORTANT: You may not begin working at your internship site until the Liability Form, the Risk Management Questionnaire, and SLA (if needed) are completed.*

NOTE: With permission from their faculty advisor, students are allowed to use their graduate assistantship for internship credit.  However, there must be a clear delineation between paid work and credit work. (i.e. The hours you work for internship credit will be in addition to the hours you work as a paid graduate assistant).This is because the internship is designed to provide students with additional learning opportunities that they would not otherwise have the opportunity to experience.

The following article and presentation can aid in the writing of outcomes for the learning plan:

Internship Forms and Support Documents

Internship Opportunities

  • For current internship opportunities, please contact Dr. Lisa Gates