Cohort Class Officers

Cohort Class Officers

The Student Advisory Board is here to help you.

Members of the Student Advisory Board represent the voice of our diverse program and support a wide range of student advocacy initiatives. SAB members also coordinate classroom workshops, social and networking events, and work with the Assistant Program Coordinator to facilitate Program Interview Days. Current and prospective students should feel free to contact any of the SAB members directly at any time.

2019-20 Student Advisory Board


Diana Joy Go - Student Advisory Board Coordinator 

Photo of Dylan MazelisHi friends! My name is Diana Joy Go and I am the SAB Coordinator. I received my undergraduate degrees from UC Irvine (Zot! Zot! lol) as a double-major in Sociology and Social Policy & Public Service (SPPS). As an undergrad, I was highly involved in the pre-professional student organization, Pilipinx-Americans in Social Studies (PASS), I worked as a course reader for the SPPS capstone field research course, and was involved as a Program Assistant for the Office of Civic and Community Engagement (now known as International Student Engagement Programs). After undergrad, I moved back home to San Diego, Ca. In my first year of the program, my assistantship was at Cal State San Marcos for the Cross-Cultural Center, which further strengthened my passion and interest for social justice and equity in higher education. As a second year, my graduate assistantships will be at SDSU for Assessment under Student Life & Leadership and at UC San Diego for Student Retention & Success.

I love to listen and learn about various types of music and attending concerts big and small. I also love the coffee and food scene in San Diego. So contact me if you ever need suggestions or want to try a place together! I am so excited to be in community with one another and hope that we can play an integral part in each others learning and growth through this program and beyond. As the SAB Coordinator, and together as the Student Advisory Board, we are here to support your growth and assist in enhancing your experience in the PELSA program.


Izzy Narvaez - Program Events Coordinator

Hi y'all, I'm Izzy and I'm the Program Events Coordinator for the Student Advisory Board. I graduated from UC San Diego, Class of 2018, with a double major in Political Science and Critical Gender Studies. I discovered my passion for student affairs during my undergraduate involvements as a Resident Assistant, Peer Mentor, First Year Experience Instructor, Access Coordinator, and Student Activist. In my first year, I served as the Student Promoted Access Center for Education and Service (SPACES) Graduate Assistant at UCSD, the Math Engineering Science Achievement (MESA) Program Graduate Assistant at SDSU, and the Advancing Navy Stem Workforce through Education and Research (ANSWER) Program Assistant at SDSU. In the future I will be serving as the Graduate Assistant in the College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts at SDSU, and for Associated Students (AS) at UCSD. Some of the functional areas I am passionate about are: First Year Programs, Identity-related centers, and STEM focused access and retention. Some of my hobbies include skincare, video games, crafting, and astrology (hit me up for your birth chart!). 


Sandy Jimenez - Outreach Coordinator

Hello, I'm Sandy Jimenez - the Outreach Coordinator! I earned my bachelor's degree in Communication Studies with two minors in Spanish and Mexican Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles. My current graduate assistantship this past year was at SDSU with the Residential Education Office as a Front Desk Security Manager. I hope to become an Academic Advisor and/or work at a Community College with first-generation students. I am passionate about mentorship and hope to be a resource to students, particularly students from underrepresented backgrounds.

As Outreach Coordinator, some of my duties include expanding our PELSA network, LinkedIn group, and keeping alumni of the program informed and involved.


Ahliyah Chambers - Social Justice Coordinator

Photo of Beatriz Barron









My name is Ahliyah Chambers and I serve as the Social Justice Coordinator for the PELSA Student Advisory Board. I graduated from SDSU in Spring of 2018 and immediately transitioned into this program that Fall. My favorite parts of this program are the cohort-based model and opportunity for learning outside of the classroom through graduate assistantships. Currently, I hold two graduate assistant positions at SDSU, one at the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and the other at the Black Resource Center. Feel free to reach out to me for any insight or questions! 


Jenn Henline - Mentoring Program Coordinator

Hi everyone! My name is Jenn Henline and I am your Peer Mentor Program Coordinator on the Student Advisory Board. I grew up nearby in Temecula, California before moving down here to San Diego to pursue my degree at UC San Diego where I was heavily involved in several student organizations, new student programs and Residential Life. I earned my BA in Communication with a double minor in Business and Psychology from UCSD in 2016.

During my first year in PELSA I held 2 Graduate Assistantships working as the Community Service Graduate Assistant at the UC San Diego Center for Student Involvement as well as doing research with Dr. Marilee Bresciani Ludvik. For my second year I will continue my position as Dr. Bresciani Ludvik’s Research Assistant and you will also find me at the UC San Diego Student Veterans Resource Center as their new Graduate Assistant.

I have loved participating in the Peer Mentor Program this year as a mentee and I am beyond excited to help create highly impactful and supportive mentorships for you all. I hope to use my position as PMP Coordinator to foster mutually beneficial relationships for both mentors and mentees and create a strong PELSA community across both cohorts. Always feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns or just want to chat.


Andres Elvira - Assistant Program Coordinator

Greetings everyone! My name is Andres Elvira and I have the pleasure of serving as your 2019-2020 Assitant Program Coordinator for the MA in Postsecondary Educaitonal Leadership with a Specialization in Student Affairs. I am originally from the San Fernando Valley and completed my undergraduate work at California Lutheran University with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a double Minor in Gender Studies and Political Science. My current assistantships are with Orientation and New Student Programs in Student Life and Leadership at California State University San Marcos and Fraternity and Sorority Life in the Center for Student Invovlement at the University of California San Diego. I am also an active professional member of NODA, the National Association for Orientation, Transition, and Retention (OTR) in Higher Education. My current functional areas of interest are New Student and Family Programs, Fraternity and Soroity Life, and Student Activities.

As the Assistant Program Coordinator, I want to ensure you are all set up for success in this program and feel prepared, equipped, and ready to support student success in this field!