24 SDSU Graduates from Palau Complete MA Degree


It takes a great many people to support our degree programs in the Republic of Palau - teaching, designing websites, supporting the technology, sending the materials, processing the forms, handling other logistics, and more -- resulting in 24 proud SDSU grads!

The most recent cohort completed an MA in Education with a Concentration in Postsecondary Education Leadership, and specialized courses in Public Administration and HR Development. The use of specialized courses involved faculty from our School of Public Affairs and were used as electives to meet the needs of a more diverse group of students who are working in education, health, government, commercial development, and more - all invested in supporting the future of Palau. Due to our strong & effective collaboration, these students were able to complete the degree without leaving home, work, and family. Most of them would not have been able to continue beyond a 2-year degree had it not been for our work together.

The graduation ceremony was attended by representatives from the government in Palau (including the Vice President, Minister of Education, several governors and senators). This was the 54th commencement at Palau Community College.
The 24 students who graduated with their masters degrees are proudly wearing their SDSU alumni cords and are ready to address the issues they have studied during their coursework. Drs. Stephen Welter, Caren Sax, and Theresa Lally attended the presentation of the graduates describing their research. The following day, they were part of the commencement ceremony to speak and present the graduates with their diploma covers. The photo of the smaller group of 9 grads are double alumni - they completed both their BA and MA degrees with us. All the students and their families truly appreciated our efforts in supporting them to reach this impressive goal.



PalauMA Graducation 2017 - Dr. Sax

24 graduates



Nine grads are double alumni