National Rehabilitation Leadership Institute

National Rehabilitation Leadership Institute

Institute Mission Statement:

To enrich the leadership vision, knowledge and skills of rehabilitation leaders, through a powerful organizational learning experience that reinforces passion, learning, creativity, and strategic thinking in the public program of vocational rehabilitation.

The Institute offers the opportunity for rehabilitation leaders in public programs of vocational rehabilitation across the nation to enrich their knowledge, skills, and understanding to meet the constantly changing needs and expectations of their consumers, employers and community partners.

The Executive Leadership Seminar Series

Four one-week Seminar sessions are offered over a 12-month period, for directors, senior administrators, and emerging leaders. The instructional approach uses a cohort model that builds on creating and sustaining a learning community for the participants. 

The nomination of persons who meet the selection criteria is vested in the Designated State Unit’s Administrator. The NRLI staff recommends that the participants have demonstrated the ability to lead change within their organization. The first and second Seminar sessions are held in San Diego, California The third Seminar session is held in Washington D.C.  The final Seminar session is held in San Diego, California.More Info...

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NRLI in Washington DC, June 21016