Executive Seminar Topics : 1  2  3  4

Session 1: Public Policies, Fiscal and Legal Systems in VR

Date: February 7 through February 11, 2022 | Location: San Diego, CA

Session 1 examines public policies, financial, programmatic, and legal factors to shape the leadership and administration of state vocational rehabilitation (VR) programs. Factors include development and interpretation of public policies, audits and audit findings, RSA monitoring and fiscal evidence-based practices. Other topics include State and third-party match, resource sharing and cost allocation. Finally, VR leaders must understand the WIOA performance measures and evidence-based practices to strengthen the VR program.

Session 2: Leadership in Diverse Environments

Date: May 23 to 27, 2022 | Location: San Diego, CA

Session 2 examines inter-agency and community partnerships, leadership development, peer mentoring and coaching in hybrid and virtual delivery, and intergenerational consumers and employees. We examine community development models to increase the cultural, economic and generational diversity that impacts service delivery, resource allocation and policy development. Participants use Transformational Coaching models to facilitate discussions about leadership and systems issues that impact quality services and measurable outcomes with each consumer and their family.

Session 3: Public Policy & Constituency-Building in Rehabilitation

Date: September 12 to 16, 2022 | Location: Washington, DC

Session 3 examines national issues relevant to the public VR program. Participants visit Congress, attend selected Congressional meetings, and visit relevant federal partners and consumer and constituency representatives. There is extensive discussion of the political processes and legislative and advocacy practices essential for the growth and viability of the VR program. The content and experiences for this session are dynamic and insightful.

Session 4: Designing Strategic VR Systems and Practices

Date: December 5 to 9, 2022 | Location: San Diego, CA

Session 4 applies the knowledge gained through the first three sessions. Participants build on the policy development using cross-agency teams to analyze current policies and develop recommendations for organizational and culture changes. Participants use current organizational and leadership theories and learn to empower VR practices in virtual and post-pandemic environment.