Executive Seminar Topics : 1  2  3  4

  1. Fiscal and Legal Systems (San Diego, CA)

Session One builds on the participants' skills and capacities to create and sustain high performance cultures by enhancing their understanding of legal and financial systems, public policy development, and the implications for leaders in the public program of vocational rehabilitation. Presenters include administrators and subject matter experts in the public vocational rehabilitation programs. Topics may include:

  • Responsibility of the Designated State Unit and state and federal regulatory requirements
  • WIOA mandates and resulting regulations
  • Matching funds and linkages with One-Stop Career Centers and other community partners related to resource sharing and cost allocation
  • Financial monitoring, audits and audit findings, cost-sharing with partners, and indirect costs
  • Development of cooperative agreements, memoranda of understanding, and service agreements
  • Evaluation standards and performance indicators, programmatic audits and performance reviews

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  1. Leadership and Organizational Issues in a Cross-Cultural Environment
    (San Diego, CA)

Session Two examines the demands of our changing demographics and increasingly diverse work force. Participants build on their understanding of public policy as they explore strategies for organizational and systems change to strengthen culturally competent vocational rehabilitation services that lead to improved quality employment outcomes for all consumers.Topics may include:

  • Understanding diversity issues including cultural, gender, disability and intergenerational changes
  • Insuring cultural competences in staff development, leadership, and service delivery
  • Examining staff engagement and addressing sustainability of equal personnel 
  • Leading change initiatives in our organizations
  • Creating a sustaining high performance culture through coaching and mentoring 

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  1. Public Policy and Constituency - Building in Rehabilitation
    (Washington, DC)

Session Three examines national issues relevant to the public vocational rehabilitation program. Participants visit Congress, attend selected Congressional hearings, and visit with relevant federal and constituency representatives. Topics may include:

  • Understanding and assessment of Disability Policy
  • WIOA: How it works at the state and local levels
  • Implications of the ADA and other relevant Federal legislation
  • Advocacy and empowerment for consumers in advocating and developing disability-related public policy
  • State Rehabilitation Councils and consumer participation
  • Professional, legal and personal ethics in the public program of vocational rehabilitation

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  1. Integration of Strategic Systems (San Diego, CA)

Session Four is the culminating learning experience that requires participants to apply the skills and information gained throughout the first three sessions of the Seminar Series. Participants analyze current organizational and leadership theories and learn to transform strategic systems into empowering vocational rehabilitation programs.  Participants focus their analysis and planning on issues such as: increasing the number and quality of competitive employment outcomes; transition-focused services, developing community partnerships, streamlining service delivery processes; projected demographic trends of consumer populations; and human resource development initiatives. 

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