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Summer Institutes

SDSU will conduct two intensive Summer Faculty Development Workshops for NU faculty members.  NU Engineering faculty members will come to SDSU for an intensive workshop in 2008 and 2009. During this time, the NU faculty members will receive focused training in current Civil, Construction and Environmental programs, and work together with SDSU faculty in curriculum review and course curriculum development.
The workshop activities will include many shadowing activities, to include observation of engineering classes at different levels, exposure to various pedagogical models and styles, discussions with SDSU faculty who will be developing specific courses for the NU Engineering faculty, and promotion of distance learning.  An important benefit for NU Engineering faculty will result from observation and practice of administrative and management procedures at SDSU such as curriculum development, department strategic planning, day-to-day operation, program assessment, accreditation issues, academic advising, self-governance, and student activities.


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