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Education is one of the efforts to establish a sustainable peace and the security necessary for Afghanistan to meet the critical needs of its people and to begin building the capacity to fully participate in the international community. It is essential to build collegial higher education relationships and partnerships that will serve to construct the foundations from which long-term capacity-building projects can emerge. Of the many areas of need within Afghanistan, focusing on the reconstruction of a comprehensive higher education system is critical. From teacher training to essential medical, engineering, business, and other critical areas, a strong higher education system, linked to the international learning community, is critical for the future of Afghanistan.  The two areas that underpin these needs is a connection to information and the ability to communicate using information technology resources and the understanding and ability to communicate with colleagues throughout the world in the common language of English.

Over the past three years, in collaboration with the La Jolla Golden Triangle Rotary Club and the Fred J. Hansen Institute for World Peace, The Interwork Institute of San Diego State University (SDSU) has worked to establish a partnership with Nangarhar University (NU) in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. This long-term effort is the result of an initial request for assistance to work with NU to build capacity in the area of utilizing information technology resources and English language development. Both areas are essential building blocks to all other developmental areas of need within NU.  The development of information technology resources is essential to support English language program development as well as the development of instructional capacity in all disciplines.


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