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Nangarhar University 

Established in 1964, Nangarhar University (NU) is one of the largest universities in Afghanistan.  The University has a student body of about 3,500 students and employs 250 faculty.  Many years of political and social unrest in Afghanistan have compromised not only the infrastructure but also the functionality of NU.  Despite these setbacks, NU continues to grants degrees in many areas such as agriculture, engineering, education, medicine, theology, pedagogy, political science and veterinary medicine.  Through joint ventures, such as the partnership with The Interwork Institute, NU can continue on its path as a world-class institution of higher education.  http://www.nangarharuniversity.org/


Afghanistan Ministry of Higher Education

The Ministry of Higher Education is responsible for regularizing, expanding, and developing Afghanistan’s institutions of higher education.  The Ministry directs many areas of the higher education system.  It is responsible for the training of teachers as well as in-service faculty development.  The Ministry establishes the national higher education curriculum as well as special education programs.  The Ministry also organizes seminars and conferences nationally and internationally for the dissemination of information and the sharing of ideas.  In order to facilitate this information exchange, the Ministry seeks to develop international partnerships with other institutions of higher education.  http://www.mohe.gov.af/?lang=en


San Diego State University

San Diego State University, founded in 1897, is the oldest and largest university in San Diego and one of the oldest higher education facilities in California.  Throughout the University’s long history, it has earned many top-rankings in education, research, and service.  SDSU ranks in the top ten of universities nationwide in the category of most racially and ethnically diverse campuses, as well as the category of most degreed minority undergraduates.  SDSU is also the leader in research and graduate degrees in the CSU system.  SDSU continues to attract millions of grant and private-giving dollars.  SDSU continues to raise the bar for academic excellence in the state of California.  www.sdsu.edu


The Interwork Institute

The Interwork Institute enables individuals, organizations and communities to support, appreciate, and engage diverse members in community integration through education, research, and advocacy.  Education and research efforts involve organizations and individuals in all states, tribal communities, the Pacific Basin, Asia, Mexico, South America and Europe.  The Institute uses a variety of strategies including distance-learning technologies in order to reach this rich community of learners.  www.interwork.sdsu.edu


Language Acquisition Resource Center (LARC)

Language Acquisition Resource Center at SDSU is one of fifteen Title VI funded Language Resource Centers (LRCs).  In 1989, Congress established the LRCs to improve the teaching and learning of foreign and second languages in the United States.  Particular attention is paid to less commonly taught languages, cross-cultural issues, language skills assessment, and teacher training.  http://larcnet.sdsu.edu/index.php


Rotary International

Comprised of 32,000 national and international service clubs, Rotary International unites professionals across various disciplines under the common goal of peacemaking and goodwill through humanitarian service.  The partnership between SDSU and NU is an extension of the efforts initiated by the The La Jolla Golden Triangle Rotary Club. www.rotary.org/          


Afghans Next Generation e-Learning (ANGeL) Center

The goal of the ANGeL Centers is to strengthen teaching and learning with the use of the Internet and associated technologies.  ANGeL Centers will give students and faculty at Nangarhar University access to up-to-date online research, teaching and learning materials.


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