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TACE National Collaborative

Welcome to the Technical Assistance and Continuing Education (TACE) National Collaborative website. The purpose of this site is to provide a central location, hub, or portal for the ten TACE Directors and staff to share information and work collaboratively on projects that will strengthen the ability of the TACE centers to serve the public Vocational Rehabilitation programs and their community partners and stakeholders.

The ten TACE centers recently gathered information from the VR programs in the fifty US States, the Territories and Commonwealths that identified the current strengths of the TACE centers. These strengths are:

  • Awareness and knowledge of the unique needs of the individual VR agencies, consumers, community rehabilitation programs (CRPs) and other stakeholders in the communities served
  • Timely responsiveness to the technical assistance and continuing education needs of state VR agencies and their partners
  • Knowledgeable and expert staff capable of delivering technical assistance and continuing education to state VR agencies and their partners
  • A powerful network of resources available to provide technical assistance and continuing education to state VR agencies and their partners
  • Assisting the public VR program to effectively respond to the RSA monitoring process

The establishment of this TACE National Collaborative combines our individual strengths, builds upon our common strengths and continues to develop the partnership that has existed among the TACE centers for many years.

The areas served by the ten TACE centers are identified in the map below:

10 federal regions map


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