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Online Training and CRC Credit

  • TACE 3:
    • For a description of available courses, click here
    • For rapid courses, click here
  • TACE 4: The following online training and resources are offered through the TACE 4 (called Southeast TACE) website:
    • Southeast TACE Job Development Exchange-to meet the needs of both jobseekers and employers, the vocational rehabilitation system must approach job development strategically while increasing capacity and competencies. The Job Development Exchange (JDX) provides Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors (VRCs) and Community Rehabilitation Providers (CRPs) with the information and tools they need to successfully engage employers and address a wide range of barriers to employment.http://tacesoutheast.org/network/jdx/index.php
    • Southeast TACE Asset Development Exchange-The Asset Development Exchange (ADX) is designed to improve employment outcomes and retention through financial stability. Asset building strategies and information can sometimes make the difference between an unsuccessful closure and a successful employment outcome. SE TACE wants to ensure counselors have the information and resources they need to assist their clients in obtaining financial stability.http://tacesoutheast.org/network/ax/index.php
    • Southeast TACE Regional Networks-TACE facilitates regional peer networks of state agency representatives who interact on a regular basis via conference calls, newsletters and webinars or learning serieshttp://www.tacesoutheast.org/networks.php
    • Southeast TACE Innovations Pilots-In order to help states introduce or integrate effective practices into their service portfolios, TACE invites agency leaders to propose Innovations projects that will meet their organization’s needs and lead to improved performance and outcomeshttp://www.tacesoutheast.org/projects.php
    • Southeast TACE Resource Network-TACE accomplishes its mission through partnerships with a resource network of subject matter experts within and outside the southeast region. The resource network is comprised of nationally recognized consultants, private and non-profit entities, and university educators and researchers.http://www.tacesoutheast.org/resource_network.php
    • Southeast TACE Archived Webinar (Webinars, Publications, Newsletters)- Wherever possible, TACE-produced resources are archived for on-demand use. These may be accessed via the below links.http://www.tacesoutheast.org/archives.php
    • Southeast TACE-National, Regional State Organizations-o connect with other national, regional or state organizations offering disabilities and employment expertise, please select from the below linkshttp://www.tacesoutheast.org/organizations.php
    • Southeast TACE Tools and Materials-TACE supplements its products and services with externally-developed tools and materials deemed most relevant to VR professionals in working to improve employment outcomes for people with disabilitieshttp://www.tacesoutheast.org/tools_and_materials.php
  • TACE 5:  The following list identifies online training available through the TACE 5 website.  you can register for these free courses by clicking here.


    • Vocational Rehabilitation History – CRC credits 3

    Career Development

    • The Fundamentals of Job Development Marking: CRC credits – 2
    • The National Employment Team (NET): CRC credits – 4


    • Module 1 – Rationalizations: CRC credits – 2
    • Module 2 – boundaries and Ethics: CRC credit – 2
    • Module 3 – Confidentiality: CRC credit – 2
    • Module 4 – Exploring the CRC Code:  CRC credit – 4
    • Ethics for Direct Service Providers: CRC credit 2

    VR Process

    • Caseload Management: CRC credit – 3


    • Due Process: CRC credit – 3
    • Self-Representation: CRC credit – 1

    Medical Aspects

    • Autism Spectrum Disorders: CRC credit – 4
    • Psychiatric Disability: CRC credit – 2​
  • TACE 6:  The following online training and information for CRC credit is available from Region 6:
  • TACE 7:  For a list of resources and training available online from TACE 7, including a handbook on disabilities, training on Social Security work incentives, Autism resources, and Motivational Interviewing among others, click here
  • TACE 9: E-Rehab, SRC and National Training Series