Certificate Description

This program is a partnership between the American Samoa Department of Education (ASDOE) and San Diego State University to deliver via the SDSU Interwork Institute and the SDSU Global Campus, a Certificate of Completion: School Administration Program specifically to meet the needs of current school principals in American Samoa with a goal of improving their education leadership and school management skills. The program consists of seven (7) courses in Educational Leadership designed expressly to support and improve the skills of practicing cshool administrators in meeting the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL). The 1.5 year program will utilize a facilitated distance-learning model that provides both sychronous (on-island) instruction and asynchronous delivery via the internet.

A cohort of at least 27 individuals will be limited to currently practicing principals who have completed a master’s degree. Students who pursue the Certificate are prepared for effective administrative and leadership positions through courses and learning experiences that are relevant and practical given the unique educational needs represented in American Samoa. The performance assessment in the program will be based on their ability to apply theory to practice in their schools, including the skills to provide coaching and professional development to their school faculty and staff.


The American Samoa Department of Education (ASDOE) has indicated the need for a certificate program for one designated cohort of principals who, after completing the six courses and one field experience course, will be prepared to pass a performance assessment. The assessment protocol will be modeled after the one used at SDSU in preparation for the California School Administrator credential.


Therefore, at the request of the ASDOE, the San Diego State Interwork Institute and the ASDOE will work collaboratively to provide the courses for the Certificate Program using a hybrid distance learning model. The ASDOE will contract with SDSU and the SDSU Research Foundation for the Interwork Institute to cover tuition, fees, books and associated costs for delivering the seven course Certificate Program using a variety of on-site and distance supported instruction. The program will commence in March 2022 and will be completed by July 2023.