Admissions Information

Master of Arts in Education Postsecondary Leadership

  1. Admission to the University for Graduate Program
    1. You will be sent directions on how to submit a completed official San Diego State University Graduate Application through the CSU Mentor web site.
    2. If you have not taken the Graduate Record Exam (GRE), make arrangements through your local Department of Education or other testing resources. Take the exam and have copies of the test scores forwarded to San Diego State University.


      You will be responsible to arrange to sit for the exam and to pay for examination fees. Results are generally available within 8 to 10 weeks.

      To maintain your active status in this degree program all students must have Official GRE Scores on file within 90 days of the commencement of coursework.

  1. Classified Graduate Standing

    If you were admitted to the Department with "Conditional" status, your status will be changed to "Classified" once you satisfy the conditions noted on the "Departmental Recommendation Form." When your conditions are met, the Interwork Institute will complete the "Change of Status" form and submit it to the Graduate Division. In order to graduate, you must obtain Classified status and be advanced to candidacy.

  1. File an Official Program of Study
    1. As soon as you obtain "Classified" status, the Interwork Institute will complete your Official Program of Study. The Program must be filed before the final 24 units of study are completed.
    2. The requirements governing the Official Program of Study will be those specified in the Graduate Bulletin at the time the program is approved by the Graduate Division.
  1. Advancement to Candidacy

    Once you are classified and your Official Program of Study is approved by the Graduate Division, Advancement to Candidacy follows if you have completed the specified units and have maintained a 3.0 overall Grade Point Average (GPA). You must be Advanced to Candidacy before registering for 791A, Program Evaluation.

  1. Graduation

    The University commencement ceremony is at the end of each Spring semester; the Educational Leadership program conducts its own commencement ceremony.

    Graduation Checklist:

    • Submit application for graduation with fee by deadline (to be announced).
    • Complete all coursework including the satisfying of grades of Incomplete if applicable.
    • Review graduation evaluation for accuracy.