Hot off the press – Special Issue on PROMISE

The Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation, Volume 51, Issue 2, is dedicated to the national PROMISE research and demonstration projects.

The special edition is open sourced and available online at IOS Press Content Library.

The double issue contains articles from the six PROMISE model demonstration projects and national technical assistance center.  The two articles from CaPROMISE are:

Both articles underscore the importance of youth and parent’s post-high school expectations and its relationship to the interventions they received:

  • Youth and parents who reported work and college expectations post-high school were recipients of significantly more career and work-based learning interventions. 
  • Conversely, youth who did not expect to go to work or college post-high school received significantly less parent training and information interventions. 
  • However, parents who did not expect their child to go to college after high school received significantly more parent training and information interventions.

The implications of these findings for practice are provided in the discussion sections of each article.  Through these articles and continuing dissemination activities, our intent is to keep the focus on the PROMISE model with an emphasis on evidence-based interventions that can benefit transition students with disabilities and their families.  The articles can be viewed online and also downloaded as a PDF. 


CaPROMISE Research Team @ SDSU-Interwork Institute