The ARPE Department is committed to increasing opportunities for adult learners to acquire graduate degrees and post-baccalaureate certificates in the fields of community college/postsecondary education leadership, rehabilitation counseling and administration.

The Department offers a doctorate in Educational Leadership and two graduate degrees: the Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling and the Master of Arts in Education with a concentration in Postsecondary Education Leadership and a specialization in Leadership in Student Affairs within the concentration.

Master of Arts in Postsecondary Educational Leadership
with a Specialization in Student Affairs

The Master of Arts degree in education with a concentration in education leadership and a specialization in student affairs is intended for students pursuing positions in college and university divisions of student affairs.

Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling

The Rehabilitation Counseling Program (RCP) at San Diego State University prepares students to be effective practitioners, administrators, and leaders in the field of Rehabilitation.

Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership

Please visit the Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership website for more information.

SDSU Leadership Minor

SDSU plays an important role in developing leaders in many significant civic and professional fields. Open to students from all majors, the Leadership Minor examines leadership systematically from several critical perspectives and allows students to select courses that reflect their own academic and professional aspirations. Central to the minor is increasing students' self-awareness through the exploration of strengths, values, beliefs, culture, and identity. The curriculum is grounded in ethical and relational approaches to leadership, and a social change perspective.