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How should we shape future public policies and services with persons with disabilities?

Article by Fred R. McFarlane, Frederic K. Schroeder, and Manuel Enriquez

Introduction by Fred R. McFarlane

Last summer when we had the two cohorts meet with staff in the House and Senate and meet with the multiple consumer and advocacy organizations.  It stimulated discussions among the three of us.  Therefore, over the last nine months we have been working on a paper that can be used for discussion purposes, shaping the public policies in your organizations and reflect on the public policies that are being proposed in the Senate and the House.

San Diego State University delegation visits Living Lab and Educational Theory

In June 2013, Professor Caren Sax and 11 graduate students from San Diego State University's Rehabilitation Counseling Program (RCP) were guests at the Living Lab in Oosterbeek and the HAN department of Educational Theory in the Netherlands. Launched in January 2012, the Living Lab is a work-based learning centre that provides life coaching for young people with an autism spectrum disorder. The aim is to strengthen links between research, education and practice.

Congratulations to our newest Pacific Graduates in American Samoa

Gov. Togiola Tulafono congratulated the 51 graduates saying the program is a result of the excellent partnership between the government and San Diego State University.

Top Ten Facts about ARPE and Interwork Institute

How Do We Lead When Change is Constant?

Cover of the Journal of RehabilitationThe public program of rehabilitation is at a significant crossroads. The need for focused leadership is critical and challenging for all.

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