The overall goal of the California Initiative to Promote the Readiness of Minors in Supplemental Security Income (CaPROMISE) was to increase the self-sufficiency for youth receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and their families.

The California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) in collaboration with five State agencies, 20 Local Education Agencies (LEAs), 16 Family Resource Centers (FRCs), four Independent Living Centers (ILCs), five university programs in rehabilitation education and the Interwork Institute at San Diego State University (SDSU-II) administered and implemented CaPROMISE from October 2013 to June 2019.

3,273 youth who were current SSI recipients between the ages of 14 and 16 were randomly assigned to the Usual Services Group (n=1,627) or the CaPROMISE group (n=1,646). Participants in the Usual Services Group did not receive individualized support and interventions; whereas, participants in the CaPROMISE Group and their families received individualized support and interventions to achieve targeted outcomes including: graduating from high school; participating in and completing postsecondary education, job training and work experiences; and/or obtaining competitive employment in an integrated setting

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