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The course, “Professional Development and Disability” was created by Paul Hippolitus, Director, Disabled Students Program, University of California, Berkeley.  The course was first taught at Berkeley in the fall of 2011 and should be credited accordingly.

In 2014, the Interwork Institute of San Diego State University, in partnership with PolicyWorks, Inc. was awarded a Signature Employment Grant by the Kessler Foundation to develop the online instructor’s guide to the curriculum in this website.  This course is the core of an innovative university/community model called Bridging the Gap from College to Careers and is designed to help college students with disabilities transition from college to careers.

The course and the online guide are free to be used in the development of course content for students with disabilities and other  groups of individuals with disabilities with credit given to the University of California, Berkeley and to San Diego State University.  Any other publication or use of these materials requires the written permission of the author, Paul Hippolitus.

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Site Description

Welcome to the Interwork Institute’s C2C Website. This website is the home of “Professional Development and Disability” online instructor’s guide. The course is a key component of the Bridging the Gap from College to Career Transition Program grant project funded by the Kessler Foundation. The course was created at University of California at Berkeley by Paul Hippolitus and  is the centerpiece of a university/community model which also includes internships, peer and career mentoring, and placement assistance.

The curriculum displayed on this site features 17 lessons complete with video starter and video presentations by experts in both professional development and disability skills. PowerPoint presentations are offered to support the instructor’s classroom course delivery and supplemental resources are available to customize the course presentation.

The Kessler Signature Employment Project, funded by the Kessler Foundation has been completed. Though the funding cycle is over (2013-15), the course curriculum and accompanying materials will continue to be available and updated outcomes will be posted, including pre/post course attitude and perceptions, testimonials from students and placement data as of June 1, 2016.

Offering a specialized course addressing both personal and professional development in combination with ongoing peer support and employer buy-in is resulting in promising employment results. After offering the course for four terms across three universities, initial student outcomes reflect increased confidence, expanded work experiences (i.e., internships, apprenticeships), and meaningful employment.

If you need more information, please contact:

  • Paul Hippolitus, Course Developer
    Director Emeritus, Disabled Students’ Program
    University of California, Berkeley
  • Caren Sax, Ed.D., CRC, Professor, Chair
    Department of Administration, Rehabilitation and Postsecondary Education
    San Diego State University

We are available for consultation, training and technical assistance to assist you in initiating and growing your C2C program using this course, peer mentors and supported placement services and supports.