The C2C Project

Bridging the Gap from College to Careers (C2C) is an innovative university/community model designed to improve the employment rate of college graduates with a bachelor’s or higher degree. Currently 1 out of 2 college graduates with a disability who receive benefits from the Social Security Administration is not working within 5 years (SSA, Baccalaureate Study, 2010).

With the Professional Development and Disability course as the centerpiece of the project, C2C addressed the challenges the student brings to the transition from college to career.  The course addresses disability issues and self-image changes head on and provides the student with information and support in facing their personal challenges, selling themselves to an employer, and moving into their chosen career path.

In addition to the course, the program provides internships through the Department of Rehabilitation and other sources, career mentoring through the Business Leadership Networks, and peer mentoring and placement assistance through PolicyWorks.

Next Steps – Build a University/Community Model, Start a State Collaborative

The instructor curriculum guide is the first step in disseminating information about the Professional Development and Disability course and the university/community model.  The C2C team is eager to support you in using the curriculum and developing the complete model in your community.  We are also forming state collaborative to research these issues, advocate for programs, develop models and increase state capacity to support these efforts.

For information about support and technical assistance, please contact c2c@interwork.sdsu.edu.