Project Team

Caren Sax – Principal Investigator

Caren is the Co-Director of the Interwork Institute at San Diego State University.  She also serves as the Chair of the Administration, Rehabilitation and Post-Secondary Education Department and a professor in the department.  She is considered an international and national expert on transition for youth with disabilities as they enter adulthood, assistive technology, and employment for individuals with disabilities.

Eric Glunt – Project Manager

Eric is the Project Manager for C2C and also has a role in the state implementation of the PROMISE grant serving high school students with disabilities. Previously, he served as the Project Director of the California Health Incentives Improvement Project (CHIP) which fostered multi-agency system change with a focus on improving health and employment outcomes.

Paul Hippolitus – Curriculum Designer and Instructor

Paul Hippolitus is the Director of the Disabled Student’s Services Program at University of California at Berkeley. He brings to this work, experience as the Director of the Office of Plans, Programs and Services for the U.S. President’s Committee on Employment for People with Disabilities and later Senior Employment Analyst for the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy.

Barbara Butz – Operational Consultant

Barbara is the President of PolicyWorks, Inc., a national non-profit specializing in helping people with disabilities find independence through employment.  She has a national consulting practice focusing on employment, community inclusion and health care access for people with disabilities.  She also served as the Assistant Secretary of Labor and Employment Security for Florida for 3 years.

Steven Allen – Director Services Coordinator

Steve is the Program Coordinator of PolicyWorks’ Access: Career Quest peer mentoring program serving young people in San Diego, Long Beach, Santa Cruz California. He also serves as staff to the Board of Directors of Policy Works.

Minah Oh – Director, SDSU Interwork Institute Center for Distance Learning

Linda Bussell – Instructional Designer, SDSU Interwork Institute Center for Distance Learning