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The Interwork Institute Center for Distance Learning (II-CDL) was established in 1994 to provide education to geographically remote students nationally and internationally.
II-CDL focuses on instructional methods that provide learners with relevant and applicable knowledge and skills. Instructional designers collaborate with educators and content area specialists to transform “traditional” curriculum and learning into effective distance education.
II-CDL knows that development of a distance education course or program is only part of the picture. Our qualified team provides ongoing support for distance education courses and seminars to facilitate and promote a quality learning experience for both the learner and the instructor.

Areas of Services:

IT Consultation

II-CDL offers technical consultation across a broad array of fields.

  • Technology liaison between the clients and other IT vendors/service providers
  • Technology integration for the clients’ business and/or projects
  • Technology strategies and recommendations at any phase of the project
  • Server and systems administration
  • Database development and/or selection
  • Hardware and software support
  • Networking installation and support

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Instructional Design

II-CDL provides instructional design expertise and support for both online or hybrid/blended training and distance education.  These services may include the following: 

  • Conduct performance and training needs assessment
  • Apply current theories in learning and cognition to design effective learning environments that promote and support learning
  • Apply learner-centered approaches to ensure desired learning outcomes drive the technology
  • Consult with subject matter experts and instructors to turn content expertise into effective instruction
  • Select appropriate instructional strategies for the subject and the learners
  • Apply best practices and strategies for diverse learning environments and cultures
  • Insure access and accessibility for all learners
  • Evaluate outcomes and program effectiveness

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Website and Web Application Development

II-CDL provides a full range of website and web application development services. These services may include the following: 

  • Consult with clients to determine their website and web development needs
  • Conceptualize the website to align with business and education requirements
  • Create/implement graphic/ web design
  • Develop database and online tools
  • Customize web features/application on existing and/or new platforms
  • Install, host, and manage Content Management System (CMS), web server, and/or database
  • Support continuous content updates

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Multimedia and Video Production

Video and multimedia production studios provide clients with a variety of options for delivering educational information and content. These services may include the following: 

  • Produce multimedia learning experiences (Onsite video/audio recording, editing, publishing, etc.)
  • Prepare, edit, and produce video and audio for download, streaming, or distribution via CD/DVD
  • Produce narrated slideshows and PowerPoint presentations
  • Create interactive CD/DVD or web-based training and informational materials
  • Optimize existing multimedia materials for clients (convert and/or compress existing materials for easier access)

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Webinars and Videoconferencing

Our videoconferencing capabilities include live broadcasts and webinars. These can be archived for access anytime, anywhere. Out videoconferencing technologies and online support are fully accessible and 508 compliant.

Full Accessibility of Materials and Content

II-CDL believes that making materials accessible to all individuals is imperative. We incorporate technical and instructional methods to ensure that our educational and informational electronic materials are fully accessible.  These services may include the following: 

  • Closed captioning for video
  • Open captioning for streamed video productions
  • Accessible online courses and training
  • Captioned live webinars and broadcasts

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Graphics and Marketing Materials

Our graphics department provides opportunities for the development of marketing materials and brochures. These services may include the following: 

  • Development of branding (i.e., logos, color scheme, integration of graphical elements on websites and other marketing materials, etc.)
  • Graphics for websites and education and training materials
  • Graphics for print materials, brochures, pamphlets, etc.

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