The Last Discussion Forum, in SDSU’s Internship course – May 2013

The knowledge that I have gained, as a result of the SDSU courses, has been invaluable. I have now been working as a Senior Rehabilitation Counselor for over 30 years. I believe that the courses make you take a close look at your personal and professional strengths and weaknesses. The courses seem to be designed to improve our skills in working with individuals with disabilities, but they go further than that, by making us better human beings. I believe that we become more sensitive to the needs of the populations that we work with. Many of us who have been in this field, develop our own methods of working with our clients and we continue to work, using these same methods for many years. We never take the time to attempt different techniques, that might be more effective. These courses opened my eyes to trying new methods and new techniques. I learned valuable skills that have made me a more effective counselor. Before taking these courses, I never thought that I would be able to improve my effectiveness as a Rehabilitation Counselor, but as a result of what I have learned, I have been able to address and correct my weaknesses. I learned many things about myself, and this has made me a better human being.

One other positive factor is how our courses encourage us to exchange ideas with other students. I have learned more in these 3 years than I have in my 30+ years in my job. Getting to know my fellow students and listening and learning from them, has been a very special experience for me. I have enjoyed communicating with students from Alaska, Florida, Texas, Arizona, Wisconsin, as well as students from my native California. I have met some very knowledgeable and wonderful people as a result of our classes. This has been a great experience for me, one that I will never forget.

Chris Longoria