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The SDICCCA Regional Fellowship Program is a major cooperative initiative between the San Diego/Imperial County Community College Association (SDICCCA) and San Diego State University (SDSU). The purpose of the program is to identify, recruit, train, and support prospective community college educators including classroom, library, and counseling faculty in their pursuit of part-time and full-time faculty positions within community colleges in the region. The partnership includes ten community colleges in San Diego County, Imperial County, and Mt. San Jacinto College in Riverside County.  SDICCCA was formed in 1963 as a model of cooperation among public institutions of higher education. The aim of this organization is to identify issues of concern and to implement mutually beneficial programs and projects in the region. The support of the SDICCCA Presidents has been invaluable in contributing to the success of this fellowship program.


The program is managed by a Steering Committee comprised of one campus coordinator from each of the participating colleges. A San Diego State University Regional Director leads the Steering Committee, oversees group training sessions for fellows, and works with both mentors and fellows to confirm a positive learning experience takes place for them. The Steering Committee provides input to the Regional Director on the content of each of the learning experiences and the processes for selecting fellows.


Program Goals & Outcomes

  • SDICCCA strives to:
    • Introduce industry professionals, graduate students, and students recently completing their Master's degree, to the community college environment and student population.
    • Arrange successful mentoring relationships that support the development of fellows and mentors as master counseling, Library, or classroom faculty members.
    • Provide training for fellows emphasizing assessment of student learning outcomes, strategies for providing students with basic skills, and strategies to engage a diverse population of adult learners in the learning process.
    • Describe job search techniques as well as address important issues regarding community college policy and decision-making.
    • Nurture the highest levels of integrity and ethics in every aspect of the fellow's professional life
    • Create a database of current and former fellows to enable participating community colleges to recruit for part-time and full-time faculty positions.
    • Introduce industry practitioners to the community college environment as they complete degrees that would qualify them to teach at community colleges.
    • Evaluate the program and disseminate information about the program to interested parties.

  • SDICCCA Faculty Fellowship: Fellow Learning Outcomes
    Each SDSU Continuing Education course includes specific student learning outcomes. On a broader spectrum, at the end of this program fellows will be able to:
    • Articulate their strengths and areas needing development in order to be successful as a part-time or full-time counseling, lilbrary, or classroom faculty member.
    • Network professionally among the local community colleges.
    • Garner working, professional relationships with faculty and staff in the SDICCCA region.
    • Create a realistic, five-year professional plan for counseling, librarianship, or classroom teaching.