Interwork Institute - San Diego State University

San Diego State University’s Interwork Institute, with co-sponsorship by CSAVR, NCSAB and VRTAC-Quality Management, announces the National Rehabilitation Leadership Institute’s

Executive Leadership Seminar in Rehabilitation Administration

The Seminar is conducted over an 11-month period, beginning in February. The first three sessions will be held in San Diego and the final session will be held in Washington, D.C. The Seminar’s sessions build sequentially on one another and serve as a four-part learning experience. All educational curriculum offerings use multiple approaches for learning with cross-organizational teams and extensive engagement with the participants. Enrollment is limited to offer a more robust experience.

Applicants must hold a leadership position in a state VR agency. The applicant's agency must support their participation with financial resources, access to the Internet, time for instructional portions of the Seminar and the ability to use their agency for completion of educational tasks. Individuals who, by their personal example, serve as strong role models are given high consideration.

Each participant completes a 360-degree assessment and receives individualized executive coaching. The coaching can continue after the Seminar Series based on the participant’s interest. This is at no cost.

The one-on-one executive coaching, provided throughout the NRLI experience, enables participants to customize their learning around the 360-degree feedback and their individual goals. The executive coaching continues beyond the four sessions at the request of the participants. There are no additional costs associated with the executive coaching.