Personalized Executive Leadership Development Planning

A vital part of the Executive Leadership Seminar is the development of the individual leadership assessment plan supported by personalized executive coaching. At the beginning of the Seminar experience, a 360-degree "feedback-learning loop" is used to obtain information about the participant's leadership behaviors as viewed by multiple sources, including self, supervisors, subordinates, peers, and, as appropriate, consumers. By combining their own perceptions with the perceptions of others, participants can create a powerful, personalized and detailed leadership development plan.

Throughout the Executive Leadership Seminar, leadership coaches provide participants with assistance in achieving their executive leadership goals. At the end of the Seminar, a follow-up feedback session affords participants the opportunity to discuss changes and revise their development plans to foster continued growth well beyond the conclusion of the Seminar experience. Coaching is available at no cost, based upon participant interest, following the fourth session of the Seminar.